Timberland Women’s White Ledge Hiking Boot Review

9.2 Total Score
The Non-slip, all year long hiking boots!

These boots keep your feet warm in the winter, dry in the summer, secure and snug no matter what the season. They give you no problems when it comes to lacing and they take care of any feet problems that you might have while hiking!

  • Very comfortable to wear, even on long hikes
  • Great traction on wet and rocky terrains
  • They give a secure feel to the foot and ankle

  • They need a few dry runs to break in
  • The leather isn’t that waterproof
  • Some seams leaked water inside (probably just in my particular pair)


I got myself these Timberland boots since I read all the good reviews about them. For instance, I read they wouldn’t need a break in period. Actually, they did (it took me a couple of days to get used to them).

There are many features for these boots that make them really good boots and there are also things that I don’t like so much.

I’m going to start with my list of “pros”:

  • they feel very comfortable (once they break in, let’s get this out of the way!)
  • I feel they give great traction, no matter how slippery or rough my hiking trails get (and…they do get tough quite often)
  • these boots are great because I can wear them all year long (in summertime, but through the snow also)
  • these boots didn’t give me blisters even after an 8 hour hiking trip. But, as I mentioned, after they broke in… and I didn’t wear these boots the first two days for more than 2 hours, just to be sure!
  • the boots do fit well and feel very sturdy on the feet
  • they do look kind of cool (and this is difficult to get for a hiking boot)
  • the boots go true to size and I wore up to two pairs of thick socks in them
  • my feet feel very warm (not sweaty) when wearing these boots
  • they are kind of water resistant, not waterproof… I avoid wearing them when it pours out or stand for long in a puddle
  • the boots give a nice feeling of security to the foot and ankle
  • my plantar fasciitis has not giving me any more problems since I got these boots
  • the laces are pretty thick and they don’t get untied that easily (last thing you want to do on a 9 hour hike is stop every 10 minutes to tie up your shoes!)
  • I do take these boots at work also (I work in a farm, so I do spend a lot of time in mud, dirt, wet areas) and, when my long shift is over, my feet aren’t killing me (it’s just my back, but that’s another story…)
  • my toes don’t feel stubbed when wearing these boots

As I said, there are some things that kind of let me down with these boots (but none of them is a deal breaker, though…)

My „cons” are:

  • I would like them to come in prettier color combinations, to be shinier… a little bit more feminine
  • the boots do feel stiff at first (remember, two days needed for the break in!)
  • the boots are not completely waterproof (it would have been nice and I have to be cautious when it gets too wet around me…)
  • the seams below the laces leaked right through to the socks… yep, that’s a bad one, I know
  • sometimes they do rub my ankle toe, so comfort is not there 24/7

I do think these boots are great for their price and my wide feet never knew comfort until these boots happened 🙂

One more thing! Since they are made of leather, I think proper care would expand their life span, for sure!


Timberland Women's White Ledge Waterproof Mid Hiking Boot

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