The Best Women’s Hiking Boots For Wide Feet

Health professionals have been highlighting nature’s role in our health over and over again. Some people don’t even need to read the studies as spending time outside comes naturally for them. Hikers learn fast that the proper gear and pair of boots can make a difference, which is why they always carefully pick the footwear.

If your feet are wide, finding the best pair of hiking boots isn’t the most straightforward process, and it can take some trial and error until you get it right. People have different feet, which is why there’s no such thing as the best boots for wide feet. However, some shoes have all the right features and, more importantly, width to provide comfort and support through hiking.

Top 5 Women’s Hiking Boots For Wide Feet

1. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

We’ve taken a close look and run research for finding the most appropriate pair of boots for wide feet. Our no.1 choice is Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, but any of the models down below could have been our favorite just as well.

Merrell Womens Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

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  • The boots are waterproof and breathable.
  • The toe box is wide, and the toe cap is rubberized.
  • The air cushion in the heel improves comfort and support.
  • The traction and grip are reliable on most surfaces.

  • The sole feels rigid at first.
  • Some people may look for more padding.

The boots are made with 100% suede leather and mesh so that break-in won’t be necessary. The build and features turn the footwear into highly comfortable footwear, ready to take hikes’ challenges right from day one. The M Select Dry will block water from getting inside the footwear while allowing moisture to escape. Your feet remain dry at all times.

You may easily find the best comfort with the footwear as the insole is removable. The rubber toe cap is protective and reduces the impact on your toes while descending/climbing. The toe box is generous, providing the best comfort for wide feet. The nylon arch shank, which is molded for best performance, will also offer support and convenience while hiking.

Your heel will stay in place and take less impact from hiking due to the Merrell air cushion in the heel. The feature counts for the shock absorbency and stability. The boots also come with 5mm long lugs that bite terrain, helping you move and maintain stability on various trails. The Vibram rubber sole of the shoes is not just durable but also slip-resistant and great at ensuring stability.

Looks are rarely a decisive factor when looking for reliable hiking boots, but they may seal the deal this time. The subtle colored accents make a nice contrast with the footwear’s upper body, whereas the yellow Vibram label on the side catches attention.

Truth be told, the boots’ popularity speaks volumes as they’re reliable and comfortable, so you should give them a try when given a chance.

2. Oboz Women’s Sawtooth Low B-Dry Hiking Shoe

If there would be just one word to describe Oboz boots, “comfortable” would be it, for sure. The Oboz Women’s Sawtooth Low B-Dry Hiking Shoe makes no exception, but they indeed bring a lot more than comfort wear to the table.

Oboz Womens Sawtooth Low B-Dry Hiking Shoe

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  • The boots are comfortable right out of the box.
  • Many features provide arch and heel support.
  • The grip and traction are reliable.
  • The boots are breathable and waterproof.

  • They’re heavier than expected.
  • The laces could be more durable.

The proprietary O Fit insole is made to conform to one’s foot, for fantastic feel and comfort while hiking. The boots are ready to wear right out of the box, so the break-in period isn’t necessary.

Durability and toughness aren’t skipped, as the boots are made with durable nubuck leather and abrasion-resistant textile. The leather is waterproof, so water doesn’t get inside the footwear. Waterproofness is obtained through the B-Dry membrane, which blocks water from coming in and lets moisture escape for dry wear. Therefore, the boots are both waterproof and breathable.

As we’ve mentioned, comfort is the primary ability of these boots, and the list of features that count for comfort is rather long. The collar is asymmetrical for best comfort and support for the ankle, whereas the rubber heel counter is molded for a snug fit for the heel at all times. The boots come with dual-density EVA midsole for best padding, arch support, and stability, and the nylon shank provides more support under your foot. Let’s not forget to mention the EVA pods that absorb shock and sustain rebound.

No hiking boots are safe if traction and stability aren’t significant. These boots come with a Sawtooth outsole that is flexible, versatile, and supportive at the same time. The lugs are patterned and deep for grip and traction, and the molded map of the Sawtooth mountain is both functional and aesthetic.

Even if the boots are tough and rugged, with durability feel, they still manage to have a feminine style. The design and shape give a relatively slim profile to the boots without sacrificing comfort for wide feet. The subtle colored accents make a pleasant contrast with the footwear’s brown leather body, which only helps one make the buy.

Since they’re loaded with positive characteristics, the boots deliver great comfort for hikers with wide feet, on any given day.

3. KEEN Women’s Pyrenees Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Women hikers with wide feet who like latest hiking footwear trends should take the plunge with the KEEN Women’s Pyrenees Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Shoe.

KEEN Womens Pyrenees Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Shoe

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  • They’re made with traditional wider footwear form.
  • They’re breathable, warm, and waterproof.
  • They provide good arch support and comfort.
  • The traction and grip are dependable in wet conditions, snow, and rocky trails too.

  • Proper care is necessary.
  • Not everyone goes for the classic style.

The boots have a classic appearance that never goes out of style, and the durability sustains the wear for many years to come. The footwear comes with a KeenDry membrane that is waterproof and breathable, keeping your feet dry in wet conditions. The mesh liner has a waterproof membrane for dry wear all the time. Moreover, you may safely wear the snow boots as the mesh lining is hot, and the waterproof build protects against the snow.

Comfort and customized fit aren’t skipped, and the boots come with metatomical and easy to remove footbed. It’s a dual-density EVA footbed with adequate arch support, cradling, and conforming to your foot’s shape.

The support box is also ticked as the footwear has an external stability shank for lightweight support, better torsion control, and uneven terrains mobility. The collar is padded and reduces irritation and discomfort around the ankle.

The boots make a safe choice for all-year-round hikes, as the 4mm multi-direction lugs ensure the best grip for rugged trails, but also snow. The non-marking rubber outsole will not leave traces or imprints when you walk inside tough.

Build with Keen’s classic wider footwear form, and the boots are an excellent choice for women with wide feet. However, the style runs ½ size small, so you should side up ½ than usual.

Strong, sturdy, and comfortable, the Pyrenees are ready to take a beat.

Classic, long-lasting, and great for wide feet, these boots will make a wise investment in the long run, mainly if you’re dedicated to hiking.

Women hikers who go hiking all year round, no matter how hot or cold the weather is, are willing to pay the high dollar for a high-quality pair of boots. Having said that, we’re sure that you’ll also be willing to spend the extra buck for footwear that will take a long time to use.

4. Asolo Stynger Gore-Tex Hiking Boot – Women

It’s the case with Asolo Stynger Gore-Tex Hiking Boot – Women who address the dedicated hikers who know what hiking means.

Asolo Stynger Gore-Tex Hiking Boot - Women

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  • The boots have a rugged build.
  • They are made to take a long time use.
  • The toe box is large, and the toe cap is rubberized.
  • The boots look feminine and are supportive and comfortable.

  • The toe cap could be more durable.
  • They’re not very cheap.

Since the boots are made with suede leather and fabric, they will feel comfortable right from the beginning. The toe box is very generous, whereas the heel area remains narrow for the heel’s best support while hiking. The toe cap is rubberized, so the risk of bruising from impact is relatively low. The toes won’t get cramped, and the comfort is high, no matter if you’re climbing or descending.

You will always be able to get the best fit for the boots through the lacing system. The laces are rugged and work great with the durable metal hardware, staying in place after tying the laces.

The boots feature Gore-Tex Extended comfort lining, keeping wet elements away from your feet. Both the suede and the nylon upper of the footwear resists wetting elements.  The Lite 2 anatomic footbed conforms to the shape of your foot for increased support and comfort. The Mono-density midsole is also very useful for improving the support and the shock absorbency.

Traction and grip are also solved thanks to the Asolo Syncro outsole made with the rubber-PU combination. The lugs are self-cleaning, so you may very well rest when the day is over.

Should you still sit on the fence whether you should get the boots or not, you may want to take a second look. The feminine profile and the colored accents make these boots a feminine, yet rugged and technical option for women who always step up their hiking skills.

The more money you pay, the more you should expect performance, build, comfort, and durability. These boots provide all and then some, which is why you should make the splurge next time you’re looking for hiking boots.

5. Zamberlan Women’s 996 Vioz GT Hiking Boot

If the price is the last thing you check at your hiking boots because you care too much for your hiking, the Zamberlan Women’s 996 Vioz GT Hiking Boot could be your best shot for the next decade or so.

Zamberlan Womens 996 Vioz GT Hiking Boot

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  • They’re made to provide the best comfort for women with wide feet.
  • The leather is waterproof, breathable, challenging, and comfortable.
  • The traction and grip are impressive.
  • They’re durable and reliable for backpacking on steep trails.

  • The tongue could be longer.
  • Some may feel the arch support too high for their needs.

Zamberlan’s best selling boot sums the best Italian comfort, performance, and style, which is why it’s worth every single penny.

The footwear is loaded with features and characteristics that recommend it for backpacking in the country, on steep and rugged tracks. The full-grain leather uppers look tough, but they’re very comfortable from the first wear. It’s a tough and durable leather, but somewhat soft and comfortable right out of the box.

The waterproof box is also checked, as the boots come with Gore-Tex Performance Comfort membranes for superior waterproof protection and breathability. Moreover, the footwear features Microtex wicking nylon collar lining for controlling the excess moisture that may build up around the ankles.

Several features make the boots highly comfortable, with the ZFS (Zamberlan Flex system) as one to name. The quality makes the flex forward effortless, without affecting the lateral support.

Thanks to ZBPK Performance Fit last and ZLF Ladies Fit, the boots provide the utmost comfort to women with wide feet. They have a noticeable curvature around the heel’s back, wrapping the foot over the top while providing a sizeable wide toe box for your toes. ZLF changes make the boots one of the best choices for women with wide feet.

Traction is also provided, and the exclusive Zamberlan Vibram 3D outsole ensures a fantastic grip, unique downhill braking, with impressive energy return. The wide lugs bite any terrain but are easy to clean at the end of the day.

The blistering risk is minor, and the boots will take the use for a decade, for sure. They’re also resolable with original Zamberlan Vibram 3D outsoles.

Even the pickiest customer may have a hard time finding the shortcomings for these boots. As long as you have the budget, it would help if you didn’t hesitate to get the footwear.


Q: Why should the hiking boots match the wide feet?

A: It may sound useless, but you shouldn’t use hiking boots that are too narrow for your feet the same way you shouldn’t use narrow shoes for your wide feet. Hiking is a strenuous activity for your feet that puts a lot of pressure, so the last thing you need is cramped toes while climbing. Your hiking boots should always provide the best comfort, no matter how wide your feet are.

Not only that, your toes get cramped in narrow boots, but the risk for bunions, blisters, or discomfort is high.

Q: Is the boot right for you if you’re feeling the toes to the end of the toe box?

A: You know that the boot is right if your toes have enough room to wiggle, but without hitting the end of the toe box. If you’re able to touch the end of it, it’s better that you go up ½ a size.

Q: Is the loose fit of the boot best for wide feet?

A: Just because your feet are wide doesn’t mean that your foot should feel loose in the boot. A good pair of boots for wide feet should have the proper width, generous toe box, and snug fit for your heel. The wider build of the shoes should never compromise support for the heel and ankle.

Q: Is it a good idea to wear hiking shoes instead of boots?

A: As long as your trails aren’t tricky, rocky, steep, and poorly maintained, you may wear hiking shoes when hiking. Just make sure that they provide the comfort and support you need.

Q: What’s the fundamental aspect of hiking boots for wide feet?

A: You won’t know that a pair of hiking boots work for your wide feet until you put them on. Even on paper, the boots come with features that recommend them for wide feet, how you feel in the footwear will make them right or not for your feet.

Q: Which feature is essential for boots for your wide feet?

A: Wide feet require hiking boots wider at the box/front compared to the heel. This particular design will ensure efficient ankle protection. Also, a wide toe box corrects the positioning of your toes, improving the overall comfort.

Q: Is it enough to go up a size for wide feet?

A: nine times out of ten, going up a size won’t make any difference for your wide feet. Not only that, you don’t get more width for the toes, but you also lose the support. It would help if you looked for hiking boots that have a wide build for the best comfort and support. Adding more inches to the length won’t do any good, since it’s the width you need more.

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