Hanwag Women’s Yukon Boot Review

the boots are made of waxed nubuck leather and are waterproof the construction is sturdy, well made, with high quality materials the boots work very well in heavy duty hiking the boots are pricey they run a bit wide at the arch they’re not made in Germany anymore ...

Hanwag Tatra GTX Hiking Women’s Boot Review

the boots are unbelievably waterproof they are comfortable they are very well made they make a creaking sound in the beginning the sole gets muddy pretty fast the boots don’t breathe very well in hot weather I like hiking and I go out in the mountains and over the hills ...

Hanwag Women’s Alta Bunion Lady Boot Review

Leather boots with room and cushioning for bunions Sturdy build and classic appearance Very shock absorbent, good ankle support, good traction There is virtually no info and reviews on the Internet about these boots   Hiking and having bunions is not a treat. ...

Hiking Lady Boots
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