Low-Cut Hiking Boots vs. Mid-Cut, Deciding Which to Buy

If you haven’t been hiking for a long time, the chances are you don’t have a pair of hiking boots just yet. Taking a look at the market is confusing and overwhelming, as there are myriad options to check. Unless you have figured out what type of hiking boots you want and what features they should ...

Fitting hiking boots – How hiking footwear should fit

No matter how great a pair of hiking boots looks on paper, you won’t know if it’s the best for you until you put it on. Even if some blisters, when wearing the boots for the first time, won't pose a problem, in the long run, wearing the wrong pair of hiking boots over and over can cause various ...

Are leather boots better than synthetic for hiking?

Hiking is a great outdoor activity, as it’s both rewarding, challenging, and fun. As long as you’re packing right, wear the proper gear and clothing, you should be able to get the best out of your hike every single time. If you’ve been hiking for a while, that some things can make a difference, ...

Hiking Lady Boots
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