Merrell Altalight Knit Mid Women’s Hiking Boots Review

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Lovely looking boots for lovely hikes in the summer and spring

When you’re hiking in the summer, you want your boots to be tough, yet light as feathers. Rugged enough to take the less-traveled paths, yet lightweight enough to give you speed while hiking, Merrell Altalight Knit Mid Hiking Boot can make become your boots for the spring and summer hikes anytime.

  • Lightweight and comfortable out of the box.
  • They come with a removable contoured insole.
  • The footwear ensures torsional rigidity, stability, and flexible support.
  • The boots aren't waterproof.
  • They’re not very cheap.
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You only need to briefly look at the Merrell Altalight Knit Mid Hiking Boot to know that they’re women’s boots. The slim profile and feminine design are catching your attention, but the features and build confirm the overall value. Slim, yet tough, Merrell Altalight Knit Mid Hiking Boot work as a dependable option for women who love spring hikes as much as they love fall hikes.

Who is Merrell?

Merrell is an American company born at the beginning of the 80s. Not only that, the company is determined to create and make reliable footwear for outdoor activities, but it’s also dedicated to sustainable products with recycled materials for superior performance in outdoor activities.

With constant interest and passion for recycling in mind, the professionals at Merrell always try to give new purposes to once-used materials. For example, they take the fabric made from single-use water bottles and make it a sock line for Merrell boots. The soles are made from post-industrial scrap rubber, and the EVA midsole is made from the EVA scrap resulted in the manufacturing process of the EVA midsole.

Merrell products don’t just address the outdoor enthusiasts, impressing with the toughness and reliability, but also to customers who also care about the environment. Merrell footwear is hiking footwear with sustainability features that are difficult to find.

How should we depict the Merrell Altalight Knit Mid Hiking Boot?

You don’t need to be an experienced hiker to notice at a glance that Merrell Altalight Knit Mid Hiking Boot has an agile design and profile that has durability and toughness feel to it. Every detail is essential, and no element was skipped for providing comfort, toughness, and performance in the summer hikes.

The boots are made with a mesh upper, which takes intense use. It’s tough mesh, but it ensures unmeasurable flexibility and comfortable fit right out of the box. You won’t need to break the boots in, for sure. The knit upper body is resistant to abrasion, and it’s a great example of how toughness can be flexible.

Merrell Altalight Knit Mid Hiking Boot comes with StrataFuse exoskeleton for best fit and lightweight support. The technology is one reason why the boots fit like a glove right out of the box.

The bellows tongue will keep debris out and block the elements. The tongue goes higher in the front and provides soft and comfortable support for the ankle. Breathability around the ankle isn’t compromised, so the ankle area is well ventilated throughout the day. The two metal hooks of the side of the collar go more in-depth so that you may secure the ankle as tight or loose as you need. The eyelets are also made with metal, sustaining the durability of the boots.

The Merrell Air Cushion in the heel will add stability and count for the shock absorbency. Both the ankle and the heel are kept in place for the best strength and more comfortable hiking. The risk of chafing and ankle rolling is reduced.

Several features make hiking boots more or less effective, but Merrell Altalight Knit Mid Hiking Boot check most of the features. They come with Kinetic Fit base contoured insole for best comfort and support that allows free movement. Plus, the insole is comfortable to remove, for best customization. We should also add Tthe EVA foam midsole on the list for comfort and stability.

We also have to mention the FlexPlate technology used for these boots, providing torsional rigidity for the footwear. The footwear presents a Grade 3 on the Flex Index.

As for traction, only good things to mention. Merrell Altalight Knit Mid Hiking Boot comes with Vibram sole with Megagrip and 5mm deep lugs. The boots will bite from all sorts of surfaces, improving stability, grip, and traction. The tip is patterned sole for an aggressive bite.

Last but not least, the boots have a lovely and feminine appearance. It’s not only the colored accents on the tongue or on the heel that make the footwear pops out (purple, for this model) but also the slim profile and overall design that draw attention. The yellow Vibram labeling on the bottom sole makes a youthful contrast with the darkly colored sole. In contrast, the colored inserts on the outsole’s outer bottom match the other colored accents (purple, once again).

What features should you remember? What negatives should you overlook?

As you’ve figured out by now, Merrell Altalight Knit Mid Hiking Boot is loaded with positive features, but listing the pros is useful for many:

  • The boots are made with knit upper.
  • The upper body is rugged and resistant to abrasion.
  • The boots are lightweight and comfortable right away.
  • They come with a removable contoured insole.
  • The boots feature Merrell Air Cushion in the heel for stability and shock absorbency.
  • The footwear ensures torsional rigidity, stability, and flexible support.
  • The Vibram MegagGip sole bites the terrains, and the lugs are 5mm deep.

Don’t make a fuss out of the minor flaws:

  • The boots aren’t waterproof.
  • They’re not very cheap.

What’s our final word?

Merrell Altalight Knit Mid Hiking Boot make one of the best choices if you’re looking for a lightweight, reliable, breathable, and supportive boots for your summer hikes. Plus, they look incredibly feminine and beautiful, combining both rugged build and attractive appearance. Isn’t this what you want in hiking boots for summer hikes?

Merrell Altalight Knit Mid Hiking Boot

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