MILLET Women’s Amuri Trail Walking Shoe Review

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The shoes to take when hiking, climbing or trekking in warm weather

Hiking in the morning and climbing in the afternoon? If you’re way passed the well-trained trails and stepped up your hiking game from some time, take a look at the MILLET Amuri Women’s Trail Walking Shoe. We’re sure you’ll need them for your next hiking, climbing, or trekking trip!

  • The shoes are the perfect combination of hiking and climbing shoes.
  • The shoes are lightweight and comfortable.
  • The grip is impressive.
  • The shoes look very nice.
  • The shoes don't protect against the elements.
  • You should bring a second pair of boots if you plan to hike on wet trails.

If you love spending time outdoors, it’s only a matter of time until you go from trekking to hiking, climbing, and everything else related to the outdoors’ challenges. MILLET Women’s Trail Walking Shoe (Amuri) is the light shoes you may add in your backpack and put on later in the afternoon. These shoes will be great for many adventures, whether it involves hiking or climbing!

Who is the Millet company?

Millet’s history goes way back to the 30s when the company designed and made the first shopping bags with braces. It wasn’t long until the bags became backpacks and the French company knew fame.

Millet products address to hikers and backpackers determined to try the risky and challenging outdoor activities. The long-time experience counts for the manufacturing process, rending reliable and durable products for hiking, climbing, and other technical-oriented challenges.

Today, Lafuma company owns Millet, providing a great variety of equipment for outdoor use. Sleeping bags, backpacks, and footwear and outdoor gear make part of Millet’s products.

We sure like what we see. Please keep reading to find out what it is that like!

If there were just one word to describe the MILLET Women’s Trail Walking Shoe (Amuri), lightweight would be nine times out of ten. MILLET Women’s Trail Walking Shoe (Amuri) is shoes for summer wear, with a lightweight body and impressive flexibility that one may need climbing. The boots are loaded with risky climbing features, but make hiking just as safe as any other hiking shoes.

MILLET Women’s Trail Walking Shoe (Amuri) represents an excellent compromise between climbing and hiking shoes but results in highly dependable shoes for both activities. You will be able o take both the most crucial climbing paths and bouldering areas.

The upper part of the shoes is made with Matryx nylon, making the shoes incredibly breathable and lightweight. It’s a supple fabric that ensures adequate ventilation inside the footwear but provides superior comfort.

Matryx nylon and Kevlar fabric were used for the shoes, which explains the rugged and able to handle intense wear and the lightweight build. The fabrics are severe and long-lasting, but they don’t compromise the shoes’ weight in any way. On the contrary, innovative materials are the reasons behind the light build of the shoes.

The shoes have a very slim profile, making walking, hiking, or climbing a breeze. The tongue is stitched throughout the inside area, and the lacing is extended for better and more snug fit. The high toe box is precise, protecting the toes from stone bruising. The toe box is roomy even if the shoes have a relatively slim profile, which only adds better comfort.

The grip is fundamental when you’re going to climb later in the day, not only when hiking. MILLET Women’s Trail Walking Shoe (Amuri) comes with a 4-Point Grip outsole. It presents durability, high density, low elasticity, and hyper stocky performance, keeping you in place no matter if you’re hiking or climbing.

For outdoor footwear, comfort comes from many features, and the midsole is a significant one. MILLET Women’s Trail Walking Shoe (Amuri) features a lightweight EVA midsole that reduces shock and risk of stone bruising.

The tongue and collar are softly padded for better comfort and ankle support. Sweat doesn’t build around the ankle area, as the shoes are breathable in all areas.

Looks aren’t overlooked, and you only need to take a look at MILLET Women’s Trail Walking Shoe (Amuri) that they’re for women. It’s the slim profile or the colored details and the overall style that is entirely feminine. The subtle grey upper body of the shoes makes a lovely contrast with the bright pink accents. The sole is part white, part grey, and has the bright pink accents too. The pink-dotted shoelaces are cute, and the top collar is also pink for the most feminine look.

The shoes are comfortable right out of the box, so we cannot speak of a break-in period.

Is the list of pros very long? Do we have a list of cons too?

MILLET Women’s Trail Walking Shoe (Amuri) is loaded with positive features, and it’s tricky to make just a short list of pros:

  • The shoes are the perfect combination of hiking and climbing shoes.
  • The shoes are lightweight and comfortable.
  • Breathability is impressive
  • The shoes are made with tough and light materials.
  • The shoes have a slim profile with a stitched tongue inside.
  • The grip is impressive.
  • The shoes look very nice.

Far from being deal breakers, the downsides help you see the shoes for what they indeed are:

  • The shoes don’t protect against the elements.
  • You should bring a second pair of boots if you plan to hike on wet trails.

Are these shoes a good buy or not?

If you’re interested in climbing as much as you are in hiking, MILLET Women’s Trail Walking Shoe (Amuri) makes an excellent choice. Not only that, the shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and breathable, but also grippy and flexible. Let’s not forget that the shoes also look very nice, so you should give them a try!

MILLET Women's Trail Walking Shoe

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