Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot Review

9.2 Total Score
The long distance hiking boots, highly performant all year long!

The boots that can take any long trail, no matter if it’s winter or summer, no matter if you have a foot problem or not. Lightweight and colored as pictured, they give comfort on the trail or around town, when running errands.

  • Comfortable sole, good for plantar fasciitis, even on very long hikes
  • Good looking and lightweight
  • Good support for the arch and ankle

  • They require a break-in period
  • Laces are short
  • Not a lot of traction on the heavy-duty trails


I don’t like to go shopping often, especially for my hiking boots, so I didn’t know what to expect from these Columbia boots.

Well, one year later, I am sure that I was able to wear them as much in the hot, summer hiking trips as in my winter hiking experiences. That should be enough reason to buy them, but there are so many other nice things about these boots I would like to tell you about.

My „pros” are:

  • these boots feel comfortable, no matter how long your hike is. My longest lasted 12 hours straight and still didn’t feel tired thanks to them
  • the boots look really nice
  • the light weight matters a lot when it comes to the comfort provided by any boots, especially for hiking
  • I have plantar fasciitis, so finding the right boots is tricky, but these boots are a perfect fit for me
  • they give great support for the arch
  • I use these on my everyday hike trips, but as work boots as well
  • the boots feature a slightly soft bottom
  • I don’t know if this matter to you, but they are shipped really fast
  • they are true to their colors (it’s such a disappointment to get the boots colored differently from what you see on the web…)
  • the insole features cushioning and this gives more comfort when wearing the boots
  • the boots feel very sturdy

Unfortunately, these boots come with some downsides also. My „cons” would be:

  • I think the inside could use even more cushioning
  • I know they are waterproof, but, just to be safer, I put another coat of waterproof insulation. They worked better in the wet areas afterwards
  • the boots are quite wide and you can even put on two pair of socks- the toe box is very roomy
  • the material on the front is not that soft and you may get blisters on the first wear
  • also, the top of the shoe creases and digs into the toe… hence the blisters until they break in
  • the laces are too short
  • the laces also fit quite awkwardly
  • on the heavy duty trails, I didn’t feel these boots giving me great traction
  • I tried driving while wearing these boots, but they bite into the ankles… so you’d better not use them while driving)
  • I don’t think the bottom will last very long
  • they do get slippery when wet. I found out the hard way and I try to avoid wearing them near the water trails…as much as I can, of course.

What more is there to say? These boots come with a very good price for the nice quality that you get and they may be used all year long. As they are made of leather, treated against stains, they require a break in period (not that long, just play safe and don’t wear them for a 12 hours hike the 1st time), but, afterwards, they become your best boots wherever you want to go. Hikes or runs around town.


Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Boot Review by Peter Glenn

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