Timberland Women’s Chocorua Trail Boot Review

9.2 Total Score
If comfort had a middle name, this would be it!

The wide feet found their pretty-colored hiking boots, lightweight, water repellant, able to handle rain or snow. Or any hot summer, or any abrasions- sturdy sits right next to comfortable in these boots!

  • Good protection and traction on all terrains and any weather
  • Very comfortable and supportive of foot and ankle
  • Strong and long-lasting construction

  • They need a few days to break in
  • It takes longer for the stiffness in the ankle area to give way
  • The laces are long and one can trip on them


The first thing that crosses my mind when I have to talk about these boots is „comfort”. I am big sized when it comes to shoes (11W) so finding the right pair of hiking boots is a struggle for me every single time (luckily now I know what to buy next!)

These Timberland boots are great from so many points of view and only minor things bothered me in the end.

My list of „pros” is this:

  • the boots are comfortable (I do feel to mention it again, since this is the most important thing when it comes to hiking boots)
  • they are solidly built but they feel lightweight
  • the boots are water resistant (as much as leather boots can be). I’m being cautious here, so I apply several coats of silicone to get boots that are really waterproof
  • the boots give good traction even when the weather conditions are poor
  • I wore these boots through snow, water and mud and I didn’t get my feet wet. Or sweaty for that matter…
  • ever since I got these boots, I had no blisters while hiking
  • the boots look nice and come in great colors
  • I think these boots are very long lasting. I dropped a knife once (by accident, of course) and the boots remained intact!
  • there is good arch support in these boots
  • the boots have the right contours to keep the heel in the boot and to not feel any rubbing
  • the insole gives great shock absorption, yet remaining a firm foundation
  • the boots are well laced
  • I think these boots work better for the wide feet
  • I really like the fact that these boots dry really fast

When it comes to the things that I dislike… there are not that many and they are surely no deal breaker for me either. It’s a matter of taste, in the end…

My „cons” are:

  • the boots do need time to break in (I think this goes for all leather boots and it only took one day for these ones, though…)
  • I was quite disappointed to see the metal lace holder falling off one boot after several weeks; it began to fray in the middle and split apart
  • the boots feel a little stiff in the ankle area in the beginning
  • I would like these boots to give more arch support
  • I think the shoe lace is way too long! You have to lace into the top hooks from top to bottom. I only did this only after I stepped on them and fell off once…yep, that hurt!
  • the boots feel a bit snug (no place for a second pair of thick socks)
  • the sole of these boots seems a lower quality than the rest of the boots. It tends to wear out pretty fast…

So, in the end, I really like these boots for the comfort they provide, the sturdiness, the good grip even in poor weather. They keep the mud, water and debris away and even if it gets to them, they clean really easily and don’t need special treatments for care.


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