The Best Motorcycle Women’s Hiking Boots

The art of motorcycle biking is excellent, and everyone deserves a good pair of boots to take many challenges. Luckily for motorcycle lovers out there, numerous manufacturers design and create great models that ensure the best comfort and comfortable toughness for motorcycle riding.

What happens if you want to go hiking after a nice ride with your motorcycle? Should you be determined to have a nice hike after riding your bike, you need a good pair of boots that feel comfortable and flexible while riding the motorcycle and supportive when hiking. The selection process becomes, all of a sudden, a lot more complicated.

Top 5 Women’s Hiking Boots for Riding the Motorcycle

1. Ariat Women’s Terrain H2O Hiking Boots

Our editor’s choice is the Ariat Women’s Terrain H2O Hiking Boots. Made of full-grain leather and yet feeling light and comfortable, these wide boots satisfied so many customers.

Ariat Women’s Terrain H2O Hiking Boots

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  • The boots are waterproof and breathable.
  • They’re rugged, yet comfortable.
  • The grip is useful both when hiking or riding the motorcycle.
  • The boots ensure a great fit and take a long time use.

  • The looks could be improved.
  • They’re a tad bulky and tricky to pack.

Taking a look at the market may be confusing and intimidating, as there are so many models of hiking and motorcycle boots. We’ve searched high and low to find boots that make a reliable option for hiking and riding the motorcycle.

Thanks to their leather build, they provide rugged comfort for your hikes and motorcycle rides, taking long time use. They have a 3 ½” shaft from the arch, a heel of 1 ½” and a ¾” platform with a rubber sole.

The boots are made with the right quality materials and feel more and more comfortable with each wear. They’re made with an oiled full-grain leather upper and waterproof membrane, keeping water from inside while allowing moisture to get out. The Cordura Moisture-wicking lining will keep moisture away, while the padded collar and the round toe will keep blisters and discomfort away.

According to your specific needs, the ankle is protected, and the lacing system allows snug or loose fit. The loop on the back helps you put on the boots effortlessly. The heel and the toe cap are reinforced, reducing your toes and heel’s impact while descending/climbing. The heel stays in place, no matter how challenging your hike becomes.

The boot opening is around 9 ½” around, and the self-cleaning Dura tread outsole will provide traction on rocky, slippery, and difficult trails. Plus, riding the motorcycle would be easy, peasy also!

The outsole is grippy on most surfaces, and the boots stay in place on the pedals and when hiking on rugged trails.

Regardless of the inherent flaws, the boots are rugged and comfortable for hiking and riding the motorcycle.

2. FORMA Unisex-Adult Adventure Low Boots

FORMA Unisex-Adult Adventure Low Boots don’t make your regular pair of hiking boots, but they’re an excellent motorcycle riding and hiking option.

FORMA Unisex-Adult Adventure Low Boots

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  • The boots are tough and look great.
  • They’re comfortable and supportive.
  • They come with many adjustments.
  • They have a waterproof and breathable liner

  • They’re heavier than hiking boots
  • They feel stiff when out of the box

The boots have a mid-height design, ensuring the ankle support you need for both riding and hiking. They’re CE certified quality and made with full-grain oiled leather upper. They may feel a tad stiff in the beginning, but get more comfortable with each wear.

The boots feature Drytex liner that is both waterproof and breathable. Your feet remain dry, as moisture escapes, and water doesn’t get inside the shoes. Despite the rugged build, the boots are relatively light for motorcycle boots. They shift quickly, providing rider agility and effective bike control.

Traction is significant for both hiking and riding thanks to the double-density and anti-slip lightweight rubber sole. They come with plastic gear protection and several adjustments. You can find the best fit and set the Velcro closure and double adjustable straps according to your needs. The buckles are tough and made with virtually unbreakable GH plastic.

Construction is made with comfort in mind, and the ankle TPU internal molded plastic protects the foot. The midsole is made with nylon and steel shank for less impact and better comfort. Let’s not forget the soft polymer padding with memory foam, which makes hiking and motorcycle riding less painful.

The foot is anti-bacterial and easy to replace if necessary. The treads ease-out hiking, giving you the traction and stability you need. You may use the boots on ATV as well.

All things considered, the boots are tough and reliable for hiking and motorcycle riding, looking great and feeling comfortable. Isn’t it enough for you?

3. Dr. Martens Leona Boot

When you say you want to hike with your motorcycle boots, what length do you have in mind? Dr. Martens Leona Boot sure makes a great first impression as they’re quite the eye-catcher, and the performance for motorcycle riding and hiking isn’t wrong either.

Dr. Martens Leona Boot

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  • The boots look fantastic.
  • They’re rugged and tough.
  • The sole is resistant to slip, fat, and oil.
  • The boots are very well made and sturdy.

  • They don’t make an excellent choice for long hikes.
  • They’re not lightweight.

The boots are made with Vintage smooth leather with a subtle grained appearance and attractive contrast base color. The boots rock the traditional Doc’s DNA with prominent stitching, scripted heel-loop, and grooved sides.

Even if looks make a great first impression, features and build are just as impressive. The boots are made with the notorious and comfortable Dr. Marten’s Airwair air-cushioned sole, reducing the impact of hiking on rugged trails.

The sole is slip-resistant and has superior abrasion resistance. It resists oil and fat, which only makes it more durable. The grip is aggressive on various surfaces, so you may take the boots for a hike when you want a break from riding.

The boots have a good heft to them, which provides stability and traction. They’re very well-made and sturdy, no matter if you’re riding the motorcycle or hiking. The lacing system with metal hardware lets you get the best fit, over and over again.

Stay focused on the positive aspects, as they’re many and outweigh the negatives. After all, they’re motorcycle boots with great looks that you may rely on for a couple of short hikes.

4. Harley-Davidson Footwear Women’s Tegan Ankle Boot

There are many positive aspects that Harley-Davidson Footwear Women’s Tegan Ankle Boot put on the table with versatility and looks like some of the most significant to name.

Harley-Davidson Footwear Womens Tegan Ankle Boot

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  • The boots are made with good quality leather.
  • The arch support and level of comfort are excellent.
  • The traction and grip are reliable for hiking and motorcycle riding.
  • The boots don’t need to be broken in

  • The boots could use more padding.
  • They run a tad small.

The boots are made with full-grain leather upper, taking the challenges of hiking and motorcycle riding for a reasonable amount of time. The harness and buckle details look nice, but are also functional, improving the boots’ ankle support and ruggedness.

The lace-up closure comes with a side zipper, so adjusting the best fit is effortless and fast. Comfort isn’t skipped thanks to the full-length padded sock lining, whereas the cement build keeps the heel in place and ensures traction. The boots provide good arch support and protection against impact.

The outsole is made with rubber but doesn’t add unnecessary weight. The boots don’t slide and have a sturdy grip on various surfaces, providing stability when hiking.

The boots are comfortable from the first wear, requiring minimal to no break-in period.

Rugged, comfortable, and nice-looking, the boots will make a good purchase if both hiking and motorcycle riding is your thing.

5. Bates Women’s Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boot

Just because the Bates Women’s Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boot doesn’t show it, doesn’t mean that they don’t make a solid choice for both hiking and riding the motorcycle.

Bates Womens Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boot

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  • The boots come with side zippers and laces.
  • They’re made of leather and nylon.
  • They’re comfortable and supportive.
  • They are water-resistant and breathable

  • The laces are relatively short
  • The boots feel tight

The boots are made with 70% leather and 30% nylon, so they’re soft and safe to use right after taking out of the box. The leather is long-lasting and good quality, whereas the nylon provides the flexibility you need when hiking.

It would help if you didn’t worry about the wet elements as the boots feature the proprietary Bates Dry Guard membrane for complete waterproof technology. They remain breathable and protective, blocking wet elements from getting inside. The lining wicks moisture away, providing breathable comfort.

When it comes to comfort, the boots come with several features. They feature a cushioned insert that you may remove for best fit and a cushioned EVA midsole that counts for shock absorbency without adding weight to the footwear.

Putting on the boots will be a breeze thanks to the side zipper, which takes intense use. The footwear also features a lace system, so you may tie them as snug/loose as you want.

The outsole is rugged as it’s made with lightweight rubber. It’s an oil and slip-resistant outsole, with deep lugs for aggressive grip and adequate traction on various surfaces.

The toe room is generous, and the boots provide comfortable protection for the toes and heel. The ankle support is reliable, and the heel remains in place, no matter if you’re hiking or riding your motorcycle.

Comfortable, reliable, and versatile, the boots will make a wise purchase, especially if you plan to use them when hiking, riding the motorcycle, and anything similar.


Q: Are motorcycle boots different than hiking boots?

A: Motorcycle boots are made with features for riding the motorcycle, so they’re different from hiking boots. Molded ankle protection, effective torsional stiffness for lowering flexing, and oil-resistant soles are some of the essential features to look in motorcycle boots.

Q: Can you use hiking boots when riding the motorcycle?

A: As long as your hiking boots come with features that make them reliable for riding the motorcycle, you may use them safely. Durability, rigid soles, and laces that stay in place and don’t snag (buckles and zippers make the better choice for motorcycle boots) are some of the features to have on your hiking boots safe use when riding your motorcycle.

Q: How high should the boots be?

A: Even if your low-cut boots may work for hiking, you cannot safely use them for the motorcycle. Look for hiking boots with over-the-ankle design, with the stable build at the top of the boot. Many motorcycle boots are high-top boots for best protection when riding, but you’re not going to be able to use them for hiking.

If both activities are on your plan for the day, your boots should be high enough to protect the ankles yet still provide the freedom of movement you need when hiking.

Q: Is the material the same in hiking boots as it is in motorcycle boots?

A: Most motorcycle boots are made with thick leather to have abrasion resistance and durability. Most hiking boots are made with leather and take the challenging conditions of hiking, so they make a good option for motorcycle riding.

It’s common for both motorcycle and hiking boots to have reinforced toe and heel areas, so pay attention to these features when buying.

Q: Do you need waterproofness when riding the motorcycle?

A: It goes without saying that you need at least water resistance when hiking, but your footwear has to be waterproof when riding the motorcycle.

Waterproofness isn’t mandatory, but you want your motorcycle boots to be water-resistant even if you don’t plan to hike that day. You want leather with water protection so that your shoes don’t get soaked while riding hiking.

Q: Can you use hiking boots with a lace system when riding the motorcycle?

A: The close system for your boots is somewhat personal, as both Velcro and laces are popular amongst motorcycle riders. Laces are more popular as they’re easy to tie/untie and provide the level of fit that no other system can provide. However, they can become untied or snag while riding the motorcycle.

Look for boots that have a buckle for strapping the laces down, for safer rides. Low-quality laces don’t work when hiking either, so a secure clothing system isn’t a feature common only to motorcycle boots.

Q: Do motorcycle boots come with soles you need for hiking?

A: When you’re hiking, the soles should give a good grip, but that’s the same for motorcycle boots. A softer sole will grip the footpeg better, but it will not take the wear and tear for a long time.

A rigid sole will have more durability and works when hiking too, but the motorcycle grip will be less secure. All in all, you should look for rugged soles with good treads and lugs that ensure traction and grip, no matter if you’re hiking or riding the motorcycle.

Q: How is the build supposed to be?

A: You don’t want to go shopping every day, especially if you’re using the motorcycle boots for your hiking too. Some features are mandatory, and you should never compromise durability, rigid materials, and right height on your motorcycle boots.

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