The Top Women’s Hiking Boots under $100

When shopping on a tight budget, we can all agree that you have to compromise on performance, reliability, or overall value. You should know what features count the most for you so that you can narrow your options and choose the best pair of hiking boots for your needs.

If you plan to hike all year long, no matter how cold, rainy, snowy it gets, it’s not impossible to find the boots that are, above all things, waterproof. It’s almost sure, though, that getting a long life span for the waterproof boots for less than $100 is nearly beyond reality…

When you like to challenge yourself and try a new type of trail every time you hike,  it’s evident that your perfect hiking boot should have a grippy, sturdy outsole, ample cushioning for comfort, and fantastic shock absorbency just as well. Challenging, but not impossible to get that for less than 100 bucks.

Some like to mix hiking with walking, running errands around town, which translates into them looking for the most versatile hiking boots that can take hiking and a walk into town. We talk about the shoes that look pretty to get up in town but are sturdy and hiking the same weekend.

The market gives all kinds of options when it comes to women’s hiking boots. Some are lightweight and go great on a day hike, some are heavyweight and perform amazingly well when heavily backpacked for a weekend’s hiking trip: every feature, every single ability of the boot counts in terms of price. You get the looks, but you can’t get the performance in the mud. You get the breathability, but you lose the complete waterproofness and warmth the boot could give.

In the end, after a good look in your pocket, you need to know what you want from your boots precisely. The market considers most of your needs and likes, and you’re sure to find something in the price range you’ve set.

Top 5 Women’s Hiking Boots under $100

1. Timberland Women’s White Ledge Hiking Boots

Our no.1 choice is the Timberland Women’s White Ledge Hiking Boots, as they fit very well, are very sturdy, and do a great job when hiking. Made of leather, they feature a rubber sole that will make the traction efficient every time. The premium full-grain waterproof upper means a lot when you’re hiking in the wintertime or raining, providing the waterproofness and warmth you need for inclement weather. Even if the boots are tough and made with leather, they will not require a long time break-in. Some hikers took the footwear for a hike right after opening the box.

Timberland Women’s White Ledge Hiking Boots

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  • The boots are rugged yet comfortable.
  • They’re waterproof and durable.
  • The traction and grip are reliable.
  • They’re well-padded and protective of the toes and foot.

  • Some rubbing in the ankle area may happen.
  • The style isn’t very feminine.

The life span of these boots will increase a lot due to the leather. No water will reach to your feet either since these boots have a seam-sealed waterproof construction. Your hikes will be comfortable thanks to the padded collar and tongue, whereas your feet will feel less tired due to the removable dual-density EVA footbed. The moisture-wicking textile lining will maintain your feet dry at all times, and your heels will be well taken care of with the external covering rear foot protection. As for your toes, the wide toe box comforts and protects them while hiking or descending.

The well-placed lugs will make your traction easy and fast, and the durable rubber outsole takes the use for a very long time.

For such a price, the boots are a lovely surprise, so they make our no.1 option.

Keep in mind that you shop on a tight budget, and for this kind of price, these boots impress on many levels, with relatively minor flaws.

2. Jack Wolfskin Women’s VOJO 3 TEXAPORE LOW

Hikers interested in the latest models of hiking boots should take a look at the Jack Wolfskin Women’s VOJO 3 TEXAPORE LOW.

Jack Wolfskin Womens VOJO 3 TEXAPORE LOW

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  • The shoes are rugged and durable.
  • They’re comfortable and versatile.
  • The grip and traction are effective
  • The protective heel and toe caps are made with rubber for better protection

  • The style could be improved
  • You have to pay attention to sizing before placing your order

The hiking shoes are made with 100% textile, so you won’t have to wait to break in. They’re comfortable from the first wear and rugged enough to take the long time wear. They’re made for the gravel tracks and roads, woodland trails, impressing with the versatile performance and reliability.

The shoes rock a classic style, offering effective grips, padding, and support you need while taking the trails.

These are low-cut shoes that feel lightweight but come with features that make them rugged and reliable for challenging hiking. They’re made with Texapore membrane, so the boots are waterproof and breathable. Wet elements won’t get inside the shoes, but moisture and sweat will escape the shoes for dry and comfortable wear.

The shoes come with various features that ensure comfort, and the Reflex foam is one to name. The shoes have soft and functional midsole foam in the heel for the best convenience and less strenuous hiking.  The PU insole gives the cushioned comfort you need but also protects against the sharp rocks on trails.

Traction and grip won’t be a problem either as the shoes come with a sure-grip rubber outsole that will take many hikes. The patterned lugs give an aggressive grip, and the sole is robust and gives stability on various trails.

The craftsmanship of the shoes makes them a solid choice for long time use. They’re made with stitched overlays for protecting the heel and toes. The webbing lace loops are reliable and effective and allow you to tie the laces as tight/loose as you need for the best comfort. The loop on the back helps you put the shoes quickly every time.

The subtle colored accents make the shoes more attractive, increasing the overall value of the hiking shoes.

Reliable, challenging, yet comfortable, and durable, these shoes will take many hikes, for sure.

3. KEEN Women’s Targhee 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

One of the best parts of having so many options is that you can find great hiking boots for less than $100. The case of KEEN Women’s Targhee 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot represents an update of the iconic model, but with features for all-terrain adventures. The boots still carry the award-winning Targhee waterproofness, whereas the looks are more rugged than in the previous model.

KEEN Womens Targhee 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

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  • The boots are waterproof, breathable, and resistant to mud.
  • They’re comfortable from the first wear
  • The boots are rugged and have a long life span
  • Traction, grip, and stability aren’t a problem

  • They could use better arch support
  • The inserts could be better

The boots feature a Keen Dry membrane for waterproof and breathable build, maintaining the feet protected from wet elements..The principle is simple: no water comes in, but moisture gets out. Not only that, the boots are waterproof, but they also resist mud thanks to the leather mud shield.

The fit and design are made for women’s particular foot form. The dual-density EVA midsole offers nice comfort and support, without adding unnecessary weight.

The external stability shank will give you stability, speed up your pace, and torsion control on most challenging trails. The padded collar increases your comfort around the ankles, but also lowers the risk of chaffing. You may rely on the durable laces and reinforced eyelets that keep your foot in place for best and snug fit.

The Keen All-Terrain rubber outsole offers adequate traction grip even in muddy conditions or rocky trails. The 4mm multi-directional lugs will take traction to the next level.

Despite the rugged build and looks, the boots are ready to wear out of the box. It’s possible to wear the boots in the winter, but only if the snow isn’t very high.

The subtle colored accents soften the looks for the rugged boots, helping some seal the deal.

Keep your eyes on the prize, as these boots are one of the best examples of great hiking boots for an affordable price.

4. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Gtx Hiking Boot

Some products don’t need description, as they’re very well known and have been proving the performance repeatedly. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Gtx Hiking Boot is one example of boots that you should buy with your eyes closed when you don’t have the time and patience for the selection process.

Merrell Womens Moab 2 Mid Gtx Hiking Boot

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  • The boots are breathable and waterproof.
  • Traction and grip don’t disappoint.
  • The boots are loaded with features for comfortable wear.
  • It’s not necessary to break in the footwear

  • Some reported sewing flaw in the boots
  • They could use a more feminine feel.

Does the name sound familiar to you? If so, we should highlight that they’re the non-leather option of the highly praised Moab model. But that’s as far as the difference goes; the boots are just as reliable and rugged as the more famous model.

The upper part’s mesh fabric and synthetic leather mean that they’re lightweight and great for day hikes or lightweight backpacking. They’re also made with Gore-Tex waterproof membrane, keeping your feet dry all the time. Water doesn’t get inside the boots, but efficient ventilation helps the moisture get out of the boots. It’s a mesh lining that provides comfort and dry wear, even on a hot summer hike. The bellow tongue helps with protection against the elements, blocking debris or dirt get inside the footwear.

As hiking puts a lot of pressure on your foot, it makes sense that you buy shoes/boots that provide comfort. These feature a protective toe cap, so that impact and accidental kicking in rocks protect your toes. The toe box is generous, so your toes aren’t cramped while hiking. A Kinetic Fit Advanced insole will conform to your foot’s shape, but adjustability isn’t skipped, and you may effortlessly remove it. You can also tie the laces as snug/loose as you want for the boots’ best fit.

The reinforced heel area also provides the heel’s comfort, so your heel stays in place even while climbing/descending. The boots also feature a molded nylon shank, Merrell Air Cushion, in the heel for better comfort and shock absorbency. An EVA foam midsole will attenuate the impact of rocks, without adding weight to the boots.

No boots are suitable for hiking if they don’t provide traction. However, these boots deliver efficient traction as they come with rugged Vibram TC5+ rubber sole. The grip is aggressive, and the sole is slip-resistant.

The boots tick most boxes within the category, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that they’re Merrell.

Waterproof, breathable, rigid, and lightweight, the boots become the jack of all trades for many women hikers on any given day.

5. Adidas outdoor Women’s Terrex Eastrail Hiking Boot

Don’t let the looks of the Adidas outdoor Women’s Terrex Eastrail Hiking Boot deceive you, as these boots are tough and rugged, despite their sporty vibe.

Adidas outdoor Womens Terrex Eastrail Hiking Boot

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  • The shoes are rugged and durable.
  • They’re breathable and comfortable.
  • The grip is aggressive, and the traction is efficient.
  • The boots are of great value for the money.

  • Some may feel the shoes too wide for their feet.
  • There’s a chance for boots to feel stiff out of the box

These are instead hiking shoes with low cut design, so putting them on/take it off is rather effortless. They’re made with durable fabric, so you won’t have to break them in. The material is rigid and takes the intense summer hikers for a reasonable amount of time.

The build makes the shoes durable and rugged, as the textile upper comes with synthetic overlays and better protection against the elements. The textile lining offers a comfortable cushioning, reducing rocky trails’ impact and improving the overall comfort. It’s not making your feet sweaty, as the ventilation inside the shoes is quite adequate. The padding around the ankles protects the ankles and improves your comfort too.

The lace closure of the shoes allows you to tie them for the best fit. The laces have a right length and seem to take prolonged use, whereas the complete toe box improves comfort for descends/climbs.

Traction will be very efficient with these shoes, as the rubber outsole is tough and reliable. The patterned lugs bite the surfaces and help you move securely on all sorts of terrain. Stability isn’t an issue, as the platform is wide, and the build keeps the heel in place while moving.

The shoes keep you warm on a later fall hike and provide an excellent and breathable comfort too.

The colored details smooth out the rugged look, for a better overall value.

The sporty look with reliable performance on all trails makes the shoes a solid buy when you have less than $100 to spend.


Q: What features are essential for budget-friendly hiking boots?

A: Where you hike, how technical your hike is, and which season you typically hike are the most important aspects to consider when buying your hiking boots on fix budget. You should know the best which features are mandatory for you.

The rule of thumb, though, is to always pick hiking boots with durable feel, rugged soles, and protective support. Waterproof is ideal, but water resistance may be enough, too, whereas breathability should also be on the table.

Hiking boots that feel comfortable make the best choice for you and your hiking.

Q: What’s the best way to know that your hiking boots are worn out?

A: Several signs of wear are to pay attention, as you cannot expect $90 boots to last forever. Frayed laces, worn threads, cracks in the midsole, or loose eyelets are signs that you need to shop again for hiking boots. Your boots are good to go if the ankle support is gone, or the cushion is completely worn out.

Q: For how many miles can you use hiking boots?

A: It’s the general mileage, so you should take it with a grain of salt. Budget-friendly hiking boots will take the use of 500-1000 miles (805 to 1610km). It’s a great range if you come to think of it, but numerous factors affect your cheap hiking boots’ durability.

Q: Is it possible to use cheap hiking boots for a very long time?

A: With proper care and maintenance, even budget-friendly boots may take the use for several years. The most common hiking terrain, your weight, the care you give to your footwear after every hike, and how protective you are with the shoes are aspects that can expand the lifespan of your footwear.

Change the laces once they start to show wear, clean the boots after every hike, avoid the water puddles if they’re not waterproof, and don’t dry them under the direct bright sun. These are only some of the many tips to consider when caring for your affordable hiking boots.

Q: Can you use your trail runners instead of buying hiking boots?

A: Trail runners work as both hiking boots and running shoes. They make quite a popular choice, especially since they’re lighter than the footwear. However, they provide less protection than hiking boots but are more flexible and dry faster.

Trail runners are lightweight, so they will take usage for 400-500 miles, rending you back to square one: buying hiking boots.

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