Merrell Women’s Ontario 85 Boots Review

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When hiking boots are pretty, yet tough, lightweight, yet durable for most challenging hikes

Travel back in time with beautiful and tough boots, with modern features and dependable performance on all your tracks! The hiking boots that take the tough trails, but look fantastic too!

  • The boots are made with long lasting Cordura and suede material.
  • They provide excellent stability and traction.
  • They're beautiful and have a retro feel.
  • The support could be better.
  • Some believe that the boots run half a size bigger.
Last updated on April 9, 2024 7:05 pm

Women looking for great hiking boots will take a look at the Merrell Ontario 85. The lovely appearance is the first thing to notice, as the boots rock a catchy color combination, without skipping the rugged vibe.

What’s to say about Merrell Ontario 85 Mid Waterproof in a nutshell?

If you’ve been hiking for a very long time and are familiar with Merrell footwear, Merrell Ontario 85 will remind you of something. You’re right, as the 1985 model inspires the Merrell Ontario 85, but comes with modern features and improved performance.

The footwear’s retro vibe could be the selling point for many hikers, but build and overall value are just as reliable. The boots are a perfect example of how Merrell always designs and makes outdoor footwear that looks nice and keeps you on tracks for a long time.

Who is Merrell?

For those of you who are new to hiking and hiking gear, Merrell is an American company founded in the early 80s. The company is determined to promote sustainability for the products, using recycled materials that give an impressive performance for outdoor applications.

The commitment to recycling is continuous, and the professionals are always seeking new ways to give new purposes to pre- and post-consumer recycled materials. They use fabric made from single-use water bottles, turning into sock line. They also utilize post-industrial scrap rubber for the soles, whereas the EVA midsole is made from EVA scrap from the midsole manufacturing process.

Even if hikers recognize Merrell hiking footwear for the durability, performance, and reliability on tracks, many values the products for the sustainability characteristic, which isn’t widely spread.

Merrell Ontario 85 Mid Waterproof- the detailed description

If you ever look for hiking boots, Merrell Ontario 85 will stand out from the crowd. The vibrantly colored laces make an attractive contrast with the pastel-colored mesh inserts and the boots’ subtle upper part. As usual, the Merrell labeling on the upper part of the shoes is subtle, whereas the yellow Vibram labeling on the side completes the boots’ looks.

Even if appearance is the first thing you notice on the footwear, they sure bring a lot more to the table. Merrell Ontario 85 comes with high-performant CORDURA upper and Vibram Megagrip for increased stability and grip on all surfaces.

The upper part of the boots is made with soft and smooth looking suede, which has resistance to both abrasion and tear. The suede elements sustain the shoes’ retro appearance and explain why the footwear is ready to wear out of the box. There is no break-in period, as the footwear feels comfortable and causes no blisters from the first wear,

The CORDURA fabric improves the boots’ durability, whereas the M Select DRY membrane will keep water away from the inside of the shoes. Moreover, the membrane will let moisture escape from the footwear, which is why you’ll be able to hike in the summer without having sweaty feet. In the cold season, the shoes will keep your feet warm, making them versatile for all year round use.

Experienced hikers know that a proper lacing system is essential for best fit and comfort. A reliable lacing system will allow you to get the best fit, no matter if you’re climbing or descending. Merrell Ontario 85 comes with a traditional lace-up style with fabric laces ready to take the long time use. They look nice and seem very durable. The lace-up system is completed by the metal hooks and D-ring hardware for a secure and comfortable fit.

The toe room is generous, so your feet won’t touch the top of the boots while descending.

No hiking boots will make a right choice if they’re not comfortable. Several features on Merrell Ontario 85 provide good comfort right out of the box, with the breathable mesh lining providing dry comfort throughout the day. The bellows tongue will keep debris out, and it’s padded for more comfort in the upper part of the foot. The collar is also softly cushioned, protecting the ankles, without making them sweaty.

Merrell Ontario 85 also come with Merrell Air Cushion in the heel, absorbing shock and providing stability on rocky and uneven surfaces. You will take all sorts of trails without worrying about stability or comfort because Merrell Ontario 85 comes with a Kinetic Fit Base contoured insole. The insole provides flexible support and great underfoot comfort. If it’s too much for you, you can also remove it.

Shock absorption, underfoot comfort, and stability are also obtained through the midsole. Merrell Ontario 85 comes with a compression-molded EVA midsole that makes hiking pleasant. The Vibram mega grip will offer durability and incredible traction, no matter if your trails are wet or dry. The 3mm deep lugs will bite terrain, giving you speed.

What do we like the most? Is there something we want less?

There are many positive things about Merrell Ontario 85, so resuming to a list isn’t easy:

  • The boots are made with Cordura and suede.
  • They have a waterproof and breathable membrane.
  • The lacing system is effective and includes durable components.
  • The boots provide excellent stability and traction.
  • They don’t require a break-in.
  • The boots ensure shock absorbency and protect the ankle.
  • They’re beautiful and have a retro feel.

The downsides are inherent and minor, but you should always have the big picture:

  • The support could be better.
  • Some believe that the boots run half a size bigger.

What’s our final word?

Reliable, comfortable, and incredibly pretty, the Merrell Ontario 85 are yet another example of why you should include Merrell footwear in your hiking gear whenever you have the chance.

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