Best Women’s Hiking Boots For Arch Support

Top 5 Women’s Hiking Boots For Arch Support

1. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

When it comes to arch support, the insoles play a significant part. From the numerous options out there, one of the best hiking boots that provide efficient arch support without you having to add/remove insoles is the Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot.

Merrell Womens Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

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  • The boots are lightweight and easy to break-in.
  • They provide good arch support.
  • The traction and stability are impressive.
  • They look nice and have removable insoles.

  • Some doubt the durability of the boots
  • People seem to disagree if the boots are waterproof or just water-resista

The boots are very popular, and taking a good look at the details will be very useful.They’re quite the eye-catcher with the mesh inserts with blue accents, matching the blue-spotted laces. However, the Mother of all boots (MOAB) is more than just a cute looking pair of boots.

The upper part of the boots is made with 100% suede leather and mesh, and many hikers needed just one day to break in the footwear. The insole is effortless to remove, but you’ll probably want it to stay for better arch support.

The Merrell air cushion in the heel takes in shock, providing you stability on various surfaces. These boots will provide you with traction and stability even on slick surfaces, which is always good when hiking.

The M Select Dry will keep water from getting inside the boots, allowing moisture to escape. The boots remain dry even when you step in some puddles, and your feet don’t get sweaty as the ventilation works very efficiently.

Comfort is also provided through the supportive footbed, Vibram sole, and the build of the boots. The Vibram rubber sole is rigid and takes the trails for a long time, no matter how rough the tracks become. The 5mm deep lugs bite into the terrain, keeping you stable.

The big toe box and targeted cushioning heel will increase comfort, lowering your foot’s stress every step of the way.

The boots look nice, feel lightweight, and run right to the size. That’s how they got so popular.

Lightweight, attractive, supportive, and comfortable from the first wear, the boots stand as a reliable arch support model.

2. Ariat Women’s – Terrain Hiking Boot

It’s not easy to find a good pair of hiking boots when your budget is rather limited. And if you’re looking for some specific features, like good arch support, the selection process becomes even more challenging. The Ariat Women’s – Terrain Hiking Boot is a pleasant surprise, as it’s a reliable pair of boots with efficient arch support that doesn’t empty your wallet.

Ariat Womens - Terrain Hiking Boot

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  • The boots are tough and rugged.
  • They come with features for better arch support.
  • They’re breathable and comfortable.
  • The traction, ankle support, and stability are excellent.

  • They may feel a tad stiff out of the box.
  • They don’t have a feminine look.

The boots have a rugged build and are ready to take a beat, and we all know that durability is essential for a hiking boot. Even in they’re made with full-grain leather, they will not need a lot of time for breaking in.

Toughness is one word to describe the boots, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot use “comfortable” too. The boots feature a moisture-wicking lining, which will soak in moisture and keep your feet dry all day long. The padded top collar will provide soft and cushioned ankle support, making your hiking more pleasant and less strenuous for your feet.

You won’t feel the rocks or the tree roots while hiking, as the boots come with a shock-absorbing EVA midsole and Duratread outsole. The padded footbed with shock-absorbent gel forefoot will decrease the skeletal impact stress on your hips, lower back, and knees. You will be able to walk all trails, having stability, support, and sufficient traction, and the polyethylene cupped footbed chassis is contributing as well. The heel cradle will keep the foot in place while offering support.

The boots are made with Ariat’s exclusive ATS Technology TM for improved cushioning and flexibility. The ATSTM outsole will give traction without compromising the comfort in any way.

As long as you’re focused on the overall performance on trails, arch support, and comfort, it would help if you gave the boots. They’re quite the bang for your buck!

3. KEEN Women’s Voyageur Mid Hiking Boot

Hikers looking for lightweight boots for summer hikes should look at the KEEN Women’s Voyageur Mid Hiking Boot.

KEEN Womens Voyageur Mid Hiking Boot

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  • The footwear is comfortable and lightweight.
  • Leather and mesh are used for boots.
  • They’re water-resistant and breathable
  • The arch and ankle support is perfect

  • Some rubbing in the ankle area is possible
  • They’re not waterproof

Since they’re made with 100% leather and mesh, the boots break in fast and keep your feet comfortable on the hottest day. Even if the insoles are thin, the footwear ensures arch support. Thicker insoles can be added if more arch support is needed.

Not only that, the upper part is soft from the start, but it’s also water-resistant and meshes upper. The boots will take a couple of splashes and will always keep your feet dry as they’re well ventilated.

Adjustability is perfect since you’re able to remove the metatomical dual-density EVA footbed. The toe box is complete, so your toes will be protected throughout descending.

The boots’ traction is good, and the deep lugs keep your feet in place even on muddy or slick surfaces. Due to their build, the footwear offers good ankle support, improving your hiking performance.

As for the looks, the boots make an excellent first impression. The functional appearance makes them more rugged, whereas the subtle yellow accents give them a feminine touch.

The boots make a suitable option for lightweight, breathable, and water-resistant options for your summer hikes, supporting the arch (and ankle) you may need for the day.

4. Oboz Women’s Sapphire Mid B-Dry Waterproof Hiking Boot

Just because you go hiking doesn’t mean you have to compromise the looks of your boots. If you’re looking for hiking boots that manage to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, the Oboz Women’s Sapphire Mid B-Dry Waterproof Hiking Boot makes one of the best choices.

Oboz Womens Sapphire Mid B-Dry Waterproof Hiking Boot

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  • They feature the proprietary O Fit insole for excellent arch support.
  • The traction is reliable on all surfaces.
  • The boots are comfortable and supportive.
  • The boots look nice and are loaded with great features and details.

  • You may need more than a day for breaking in the boots.
  • Some expected more flexibility from the boots.

The list of amazing features is very long, and the O Fit insole is the first to mention. It’s a proprietary insole molded to match the particular shape and build of every pair of boots, with purpose-designed technology that provides impressive fit, feel, and comfort. The high-density EVA contoured arch offers fantastic support, whereas the EVA deep heel cup (also high-density) improves support and stability. The EVA pods help with shock absorbency and rebound, and the boots perform great even on the most challenging hikes.

The boots are made for women and come with an asymmetrical collar for comfort, whereas the waterproof nubuck leather protects the feet for a long time.

The Women’s particular Swiftcurrent midsole ensures impressive durability, comfort, and stability. Every detail was made with consideration of women’s particularities. The padding EVA midsole is effective with the TPU chassis and ESS plate in the forefoot, lowering the risk of stone bruising without sacrificing the flexibility.

As for the Swifturrent outsole ensures impressive durability, comfort, and stability, with lugs for sufficient traction while hiking. The grip underfoot keeps you steady, even when the trails get slippery. To make things even more interesting, the bottom of the outsoles has the molded map of the Swiftcurrent Mountain from Glacier national park.

The boots feature B-DRY technology on top of everything else, so they’re both waterproof and breathable. No water gets inside the boots, but sweat can escape from the footwear, leaving your feet dry.

The boots look rugged, but the purple details make them feminine, beyond a doubt.

Despite the minor issues, the boots manage to stand out with the long list of great features and arch support, which is why you should never skip them when buying.

5. Danner Women’s Crater Rim 6 Hiking Boot

Dedicated hikers searching for hiking boots ready to take rocky trails and elevated hikes are probably willing to pay the extra-buck for Danner Women’s Crater Rim 6 Hiking Boot.

Danner Womens Crater Rim 6 Hiking Boot

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  • The boots are rugged and durable.
  • They are made with waterproof nubuck leather upper.
  • They’re breathable, supportive, and ensure stability.
  • The D-ring hardware and lace-to-toe style let you obtain the best fit.

  • They’re not cheap
  • The risk for blisters isn’t null.

You only need to look at these boots to make an idea about their performance on the most challenging trails. The footwear looks tough and durable, and their build and features sustain the ruggedness.

Made in the US, the boots have 100% leather and nylon upper, keeping your feet dry on snowy or rainy days. They’re waterproof boots with durable leather upper and 3600 abrasions resistant rand. The breathable Gore-Tex lining completes waterproofness. Therefore, no water will get to your feet, but moisture will escape thanks to the lining’s breathability.

There’s a cushioning polyurethane footbed for the boots, so you’ll feel incredibly comfortable even on rocky trails. The toe room is generous, and the side-to-side movement is comfortable. The footwear has a well-designed heel cup, keeping your foot in place no matter if you’re climbing or descending.

Adjustability is fundamental for comfort, and the D-ring hardware and lace-to-toe design will count for that comfort. It means that you’ll be able to tie your laces as snug/loose as you need for the best comfort and fit. The laces are durable and long, taking a long time to use outdoor.

Traction with the boots is significant, and the deep lugs will bite into the terrain for more speed. The footwear is easy to clean at the end of the day, and the Vibram sole reduces shock impact and provides stability.

Looks are rarely essential on hiking boots, but we have to highlight the footwear’s professional style. The brown leather upper makes a nice contrast with the darkly colored soles, and the deep red laces give the boots a subtle and elegant touch.

All things considered, you would be a fool not to try these boots, as they’re rugged, supportive, durable, and elegant in a subtle way. Why not take the plunge?

What features count the most when buying hiking boots with arch support?

People are different on many levels, and feet are only some to name. It’s the same with comfort, as a pair of hiking boots may feel comfortable for one and uncomfortable for other people.

When it comes to hiking boots and arch support, some features will count more than others. Even so, it’s still the way you feel in the boots that makes the footwear supportive for you or not. Having said that, let’s list some of the features that provide efficient arch support nine times out of ten. Keep in mind that your feelings in the boots will still be the decisive factor.

Heel and arch area

Hiking is a great activity, but it’s also very strenuous and puts a lot of pressure on our feet. When you go hiking, you need boots that support your ankles and arches, no matter which type of arches you may have (low, medium, or high).

Some boots will provide good arch and ankle support right out of the box, without having you to add/remove insoles. Look for boots that come with padded insoles, preferably customizable, that molds to

your foot’s shape.

Look for hiking boots with a heel cup that keeps your foot in place while hiking. The footwear should be stiff enough to support your ankles, yet flexible to allow free movement.

Width and length

It goes without saying that sizing is essential for comfort, let alone when you need specific arch support. Your boots shouldn’t be too wide, as your toes will shift too much while hiking. They shouldn’t be too narrow either, and even it may feel they give right arch or ankle support. Your toes get cramped in narrow boots, causing blisters, discomfort, and even bunions in time.

Look for hiking boots with a generous toe box, with enough space for the toes. Even if the toe box is roomy, the heel cup should remain snug, blocking the heel from shifting as you’re hiking.

As for length, it’s better to go up at least half a size for hiking boots. Always check the size guide of the manufacturer for better information. If the footwear is too long for you, chaffing will occur, causing blisters. Also, the ankle and arch support are compromised.

All in all, you should try the boots before buying them. Do it at the end of the day, while wearing your hiking socks. It’s the most effective way to see if the boots are good for your arch or not.

Lacing system

A good pair of hiking boots will come with a lace system that allows you to tie the laces according to your specific needs. You may secure the laces snugger/looser so that you improve the arch and ankle support. Some features matter for arch support and the laces may help/compromise it. Your hiking boots should come with many eyelets so that you can tie them for the best fit.

Overall build for hiking

Some features are fundamental for arch support, but you should also pay attention to the features that make the boots reliable for hiking. Waterproofness (or at least water resistance), breathability, good build, and great comfort are always crucial in hiking boots.

Adequate traction, aggressive grip, or stability are also aspects not to compromise when buying your hiking boots. Having arch support is useless if your hiking boots are unable to take the trails.


Q: Does arch support affect our health?

A: Arch support may impact your overall body health. When you’re not caring for your feet correctly, short and long term conditions may affect the whole body. Hip, kneel, and back pain may appear from improper arch support, and the problems aggravate in time if you’re not addressing the issue from an early stage.

Q: Can we talk about the “ideal arch support” expression?

A: Arch support has personal value, and how you feel gives the best arch support or not. Our feet are different, and even manufacturers try their best to include features for efficient arch support, personal specifics always come in to play.

Not all people need arch support, and your feet’s forms count the most for the arch support you need from your hiking boots.

Q: What role does the arch play for our comfort?

A: When you’re walking, the heel gets down as the arch compresses, absorbing its shock. Your weight will shift to the ball of your foot and get the big toe, shifting to the outer arch. At this moment, the outside arch will stiffen for keeping your foot in place, with your foot lifting off the ground.

Pronation is the term used for the natural side-to-side movement and shifting of the weight. Normal pronation occurs when you’re standing on flat ground, barefoot. When we put on shoes, hiking boots, or not, we need features that would provide pronation as natural and comfortable.

Q: Is over-pronation a common problem?

A: When the feet are flat, overpronation occurs. However, it may happen in people that don’t have flat feet. There’s not enough support on the instep to control the movement while the heel touches the ground. Knee pain, stress on the tibia are common effects of over-pronation.

Q: Are high arches a good thing?

A: Should you have high arches, you will deal with under-pronation. This time, the arches don’t flatten, affecting the weight transfer while walking. There’s a significant risk for plantar fasciitis, tendonitis of the Achilles tendon, ankle injury, and chronic knee pain.

Q: Does arch height remain the same in a lifetime?

A: Arch height varies from one person to another, but also modifies as we age. That’s why people have to change their shoes as they’re aging, as their feet have different needs in terms of arch support and overall comfort.

Q: Do all people need arch support?

A: People think that only people with flat feet need arch support. Even if it’s not entirely faux, people with all arches may require some arch support. Some may find it impossible unless they use shoes with proper arch support, whereas others may perform well-less arch support. It’s pretty arbitrary and a personal matter if you need less/more arch support.

Q: What happens if you don’t wear boots with significant arch support?

A: Poor arch support will cause discomfort and pain in the hips, lower back, knees, shoulder, and neck. It may also cause less evident issues such as stomach aches, headaches. When you have feet problems, physiological changes and emotional stress will occur in the body, with adrenal stress, blood sugar issues, and tiredness as primary issues. Arch support will not precipitate your life, but it will affect your overall health for sure.

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