Hi-Tec Women’s Ohio WP Hiking Boot Review

8.6 Total Score
The hiking boots that beat all trails (and prices), all year long!

These boots give comfort, grip, and traction when you hike through the snow or rain, for a day long or heavily backpacked. Generous in the toe rooom, protecting the feet, they give warmth and stability to your trips and... your yearly income! 🙂

  • Solid build from suede leather that’s waterproof and cleans well
  • Great comfort even on the all day hiking trips
  • Good grip on all terrains

  • They need some time to break in
  • The feet get sweaty in these boots
  • They’re a bit stiff in the sole and the ankle area


A year ago I started looking for some new hiking boots as the old ones finally gave in. I didn’t want to pay that much, so I searched deep for some boots that will not empty my pocket and still be around for at least a year.

Well, it seems I hit the jackpot since these boots come at a great price and good quality at the same time.

My „pros” for these Hi-Tecs would be:

  • these boots give great comfort even on the all day hiking trips
  • I felt very confident when wearing them as they give good traction no matter how wet, slippery or rocky my hiking trails got. So they rise up to the job on heavy duty trails also
  • they actually look cuter in reality than in pictures, which is preferable 🙂
  • the boots give good support and provide good foot protection
  • the boots feature extra toe room
  • they are true to size, but I went ½ size larger so I could wear some thick socks and I don’t regret doing that
  • the boots are very sturdy
  • there is good padding on the heel, giving more comfort when wearing them
  • in cold weather, your feet feel warm in these boots
  • they are waterproof in the snow also
  • even though they are made from suede, it’s quite easy to clean them
  • the boots have a well done, sturdy construction
  • there is a good grip with these boots, no matter how heavy duty the hiking trail is
  • I like the overall padding on the boots
  • I use these also at work (in a farm) and they’ve been handling it pretty well so far (a year now)

There are some downsides for these boots, but they don’t make me regret buying the boots.

My „cons” are:

  • I needed time to break the boots in (a couple of days). The toe area almost feels like steel in the first days…
  • the boots feel kind of short inside because of the padding (which is good for the comfort… so I’m split on this one)
  • the boots are kind of stiff at the ankles
  • even though the boots are true to size for long and narrow feet, they are not. My sister bought the same model (this is on me!), and she had to return it as it didn’t fit her, even when she went up ½ a size.
  • I feel the boots could be more flexible
  • I don’t like it that my feet sweat a lot in these boots. It’s great that they keep your feet warm in the snow, but it’s not nice when your socks are all soaked after a 6 hour hike in the summer…
  • someone told me that my feet look bigger with this boots. I don’t know what to say, but it didn’t feel good to hear that…
  • the sole seems quite hard
  • the toe area creases and cuts into the toes sometimes
  • either I don’t know how to tie up my shoes, either the laces of these boots are stubborn. They keep getting untied a lot…
  • I said before that it’s easy to clean these boots. They are made of suede, which gets dirty pretty easily (I work in a farm so there’s a lot of mud, dirt, water around me) and I do have to clean them …often.

So, if it was up to me, I’d say you should buy these boots. They give great comfort, come at a great price and seem long lasting!


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