MILLET Women’s Amuri Trail Walking Shoe Review

If you love spending time outdoors, it's only a matter of time until you go from trekking to hiking, climbing, and everything else related to the outdoors' challenges. MILLET Women’s Trail Walking Shoe (Amuri) is the light shoes you may add in your backpack and put on later in the ...

MILLET Women’s High Rise Hiking Shoes Review

Women who like to hike in style and care how their hiking shoes look like will find the MILLET Women’s High Rise as one of the prettiest options right now. The colorful accents smooth out the rugged build, and the MILLET Women’s High Rise has both the functional and the looks to ...

Millet LD Switch GTX Women’s Hiking Boot Review

Good quality synthetic 3-season boots Sporty, comfortable, fit for light hikes They feel lightweight and give good ankle protection They are not warm enough for the cold of winter They are not as moldable as leather boots are.   I am a Millet fan- I have ...

Hiking Lady Boots
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