The Best Women’s Hiking Boots For the Jungle

Everyone who goes to the jungle for the first time has the problem of not knowing what to put on. Should it be a strap on sandals, but risking to get bitten a lot? Would a pair of vulcanized boots work better?

Top Women’s Hiking Boots For the Jungle

1. Merrell Women’s All Out Blaze Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

Well, if you like to wear hiking boots when going to the jungle, a perfect option would be the Merrell Women’s All Out Blaze Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots.

Merrell Women’s All Out Blaze Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

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  • They’re waterproof and breathable.
  • The Omni-Fit lacing system provides a secure fit.
  • They’re lightweight and sturdy.
  • They come with many features reliable for jungle hikin

  • There’s no insole
  • The stability isn’t impressive on wet surfaces.

Made of leather, fabric, and synthetic, they come with a rubber sole and, no matter how wet or dirty they will get in the jungle, they will clean up and dry instantly.

With a 6″ from the arch shaft, these boots have a mesh upper with leather overlays and an Omni-fit lacing system. This way, once you put them on, they will not slip anymore.

The boots provide excellent arch support and ensure comfortable wear. They’re easy to break in and feel snug in the heel. You may easily use the Omni-fit lacing system for the best fit.

The breathable waterproof protection will keep away any water, as long as you don’t fall in a waterfall;) The M-Select DRY technology provides breathable waterproof protection. In contrast, M-Select Fresh reduces the risk of odors.

The Uni-Fly and soft E-foam midsole disperse impact, but some rocky trails will impact your feet more.

The Vibram outsole will give you support and good traction while hiking in the jungle anytime. The sole is sticky, and the boots provide stability on most surfaces.

The boots are lightweight, well-made, and are made to offer gender-specific support, corrective positioning, and cushioning. They feature hollowed lugs (6mm long) for light stability.

Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, the boots will make a safe choice for hiking in the jungle, especially if you’re shopping on a tight budget.

It’s a challenge to find a good pair of hiking boots, and it all becomes even more complicated when your wallet isn’t very generous.

2. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus-Wide Hiking Boot is the right choice for your hiking in the jungle, especially if you only have the money to travel there.

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus-Wide Hiking Boot is the right choice for your hiking in the jungle, especially if you only have the money for the flight ticket and the food.

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  • The boots are waterproof and breathable.
  • The traction is efficient.
  • The lacing system allows a custom fit
  • The boots look nice and may be used in the winter too

  • The arch support could be improved
  • You have to break them in

The boots are made from leather, and you may need to give them a couple of days to break in. It’s a soft leather on the upper, which softens and conforms to your feet’ shape in time. The broad build of the boots makes them a perfect choice for hikers with wide feet, and the stability is remarkable due to the broader foot platform.

When hiking in the jungle, you will be stepping in the puddles quite often, but the boots will keep your feet dry at all times. They’re waterproof so that water won’t get inside; they’re also breathable so that the moisture will escape throughout the day. The mesh tongue improves comfort but also sustains the ventilation inside the boots.

Hiking is a strenuous activity for the feet, and it gets rough in the jungle as the terrain is so challenging. The nylon shank and Omni-grip non-marking rubber outsole will absorb the shock and give you the stability you need when hiking. The risk of slipping is reduced due to the improved rubber sole. There’s a dual-zone winter tread pattern for better performance so that you will wear the boots at home, during a winter hike.

Functionality and aesthetics are significantly combined in the boots. For instance, the mesh elements improve ventilation, but also make work as an aesthetic element. The boots look cute, for sure.

A penny saved is a penny served, and the boots may work when hiking in the jungle on your vacation.

3. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot is loaded with positive features, explaining their popularity.

Merrell Womens Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

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  • The boots look great.
  • They’re lightweight and comfortable.
  • The traction is good.
  • The grip is aggressive, and the arch support is reliable.

  • Some render that the boots could use more padding.
  • The structural protection could be improved.

Women tend to give a good look at shoes so that these boots will catch their attention. Even if the functionality or rugged build is obvious, the light blue colored details will get women’s attention with yellow Vibram on the bottom.

The Mother of all boots (MOAB) comes with mesh inserts for adequate ventilation and 100% suede leather parts on the upper. The more you wear them, the more comfortable they will be like the leather will conform to your foot. If you think you don’t need the insole, you may easily remove it for the best fit.

The boots’ build aims for both comfort and support, which is why the boots feature Merrell air cushion in the heel. The toe box has just the right size for comfortable toes while climbing/descending, matching the snugging heel cup perfectly.

No matter how rocky or sharp the trails become, the boots will absorb shock and make the hiking more enjoyable.

Stability is also addressed as the sole features patterned and deep lugs  (5mm) that bite all surfaces. It’s a Vibram sole that takes the intense use in the jungle.

No worries about water getting inside the boots as they’re waterproof. No worries about toasty feet either, as the boots’ breathability works, helping the moisture escape throughout the day.

Lightweight and dependable, the boots make a definite buy for hiking in the jungle for just the right price.

The nitty-gritty of these boots aren’t significant, and you should take the leap of faith as they’re lightweight, rugged, and cute looking.

4. Oboz Women’s Sawtooth II Mid B-Dry Waterproof Hiking Boot

Waterproofness and efficient ventilation are essential for your boots when hiking in the jungle, and the Oboz Women’s Sawtooth II Mid B-Dry Waterproof Hiking Boot is a sure thing when it comes to these features.

Oboz Womens Sawtooth II Mid B-Dry Waterproof Hiking Boot

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  • The boots are waterproof and breathable.
  • They come with proprietary O Fit insole for molded comfort.
  • The boots are durable and tough.
  • They’re easy to maneuver in the jungle and keep you on the move.

  • Some think that they’re a tad narrow.
  • Their looks could be more feminine.

The boots are made with B-DRY technology, keeping your feet dry and blocking water from getting inside. Simultaneously, the technology lets any moisture get out from the footwear for dry comfort.

Another great feature that hikers love about these boots is the O Fit insole, which is molded for best comfort and fit for every hiker. The footwear is made with waterproof nubuck leather and textile. They will take a beat as the material is resistant to abrasion and the nubuck leather is thick.

Comfort is a primary goal when designing hiking boots, and these come with an asymmetrical collar that will support and protect your ankle. A molded rubber heel counter will also provide a snug fit and comfortable heel hold as you’re hiking.

The dual-density EVA midsole offers the proper amount of cushioning and stability, whereas the nylon shank will support your foot on trails. The toe box is large, protecting your toes while climbing/descending.

No hiking boots is of any use if it doesn’t provide traction and stability. The outsole of the boots is supportive and flexible, and patterned lugs bite from all sorts of surfaces, for stability and speed.

The lacing system allows you to find the best fit, and the hardware details and rugged lace sustain the boots’ durability.

Breathable, waterproof, comfortable, and rugged, these boots will be your no.1 companion when hiking in the jungle. The flaws are too minor to count when buying!

5. Lowa Women’s Zephyr GTX Mid TF Work Boot

The Lowa Women’s Zephyr GTX Mid TF Work Boot has a tactical appearance, but they impress with versatility and reliability throughout outdoor activities.

Lowa Womens Zephyr GTX Mid TF Work Boot

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  • The boots are made of leather and synthetic.
  • They’re rugged, yet comfortable from the first wear.
  • They’re waterproof and breathable.
  • They provide efficient traction and stability.

  • They’re not cheap
  • The ankle may be too high for some.

The boots are made with 100% leather and synthetic and need little to no break-in period. They’re rugged, yet lightweight and comfortable from the first wear, and many features make them feel that way.

The Lowa injected Dupapu midsole works fantastic with the PU Monowrap frame build for stability and support. The boots provide incredible ankle support, and the heel cup keeps your heel in place while descending/climbing through the jungle. The toe box is generous, while the heel cup remains snug for fitting your heel.

The footbed has the proper amount of padding, and the Gore-Tex lining Vision 3LY keeps your feet dry on hot summer hiking. Water doesn’t get inside your boots, but moisture will escape as breathability isn’t skipped.

The boots have an ergonomic build, and the lacing system will take comfort to the next level. Moreover, the closed hooks and lacing hardware fabric loops help you tie the boots as tight/loose as you want, for best fit and comfort.

Traction is another part where the boots deliver; they come with Lowa Cross II outsole, which stays in place on all surfaces. You don’t need to worry about your stability or about staying behind from poor traction.

The boots look rugged but have a feminine touch, which may seal the deal for many.

Regardless of the minor issues, the boots remain an excellent looking and challenging option to take in the jungle.

What criteria should you use when selecting your boots for hiking in the jungle?

Hiking is both rewarding and intense, but you have to wear the proper gear to enjoy it fully. As the surfaces are various, with both rocky and wet terrain, puddles, and rocks, it makes perfect sense that your boots should be highly versatile and made for the incredible tasks that hiking in the jungle presents.

Here are the essential factors to mind when selecting your hiking boots for the jungle.

Waterproofness & breathability

As we’ve already mentioned, you will run into puddles of water, shallow rivers, and slippery surfaces a lot when hiking through the jungle. You want your hiking boots to stop the water from getting inside so that your feet remain dry. If the footwear isn’t waterproof, they should at least be water-resistant. Mesh inserts that allow water to run through, with materials that dry as you go, are also details to have in your boots for the jungle.

Typically, the best waterproof hiking boots are poorly ventilated. However, it would help if you are looking for waterproof and breathable boots at the same time. You want the water not to get inside the footwear, while moisture can escape from the footwear.

No matter how great some boots look, it would help if you never compromised on the ability to block water get inside and make moisture escape at the same time.

Reliable sole for stability and traction

With the terrain in the jungle being so diverse, with both rocky and wet trails throughout your hiking, you want hiking boots that keep you stable at all times.

Rugged rubber soles that are tough and come with deep lugs will bite into the terrain, improving your traction and stability. Vibram soles are always the right choice, impressing with toughness and durability.

The midsole should work with the insoles and shank for absorbing the shock and rocky trails too.

Supportive build and comfort

Good hiking boots will provide adequate ankle support, have a large toe room, and keep the heel in place while you’re hiking. A snug fit should be comfortable obtaining an effective lace system with hardware lacing and durable laces.

Hiking boots for the jungle should come with the right size for the foot platform for better stability.

Durable construction

You don’t want your boots to fall apart in the middle of the jungle. Look for hiking boots that are very well made, with high-quality materials and dependable craftsmanship. Good stitching, ruggedness, and durability feel for the footwear always feature to help you decide.


Q: Why should you wear boots in the jungle?

A: Boots, especially hiking boots, come with features that will provide you traction on all surfaces, protect from the water and elements, and bite into all surfaces. They’re not mandatory, but you should always put them on if hiking in the jungle is the day’s plan.

Q: Do trail running shoes make the right choice too?

A: Some people like trail running shoes as they’re comfortable, lightweight, and efficient traction. However, the risk of snake bites is relatively high in the jungle, so boots make a better choice.

Always get hiking boots made with thick upper parts (leather or something similar) that is difficult to penetrate by snake fangs. Also, low-cut shoes won’t protect the ankles and let sand, debris, and insects get inside the boots.

Q: What’s the fundamental feature of hiking boots for the jungle?

A: As we’ve mentioned, several features make some hiking boots suitable for the jungle. However, if there was just one to name, breathability would be it. When you’re hiking through the jungle, the temperatures get high, so the risk of sweat and toasty feet is high. With blisters and trench foot as main problems caused by hiking boots, you want your boots to have efficient ventilation more than anything else.

Q: What’s the most common problem with boots when hiking in the jungle?

A: When hiking through the jungle, the no.1 condition (related to feet) to fear is trench foot. Trench foot refers to various types of fungal foot infections due to long-time exposure to wet or damp conditions, such as the boots. When you’re hiking in the jungle, you may develop trench foot when spending a lot of time in the water (above 68F0 ).

As you can see, hiking boots should always be waterproof and breathable, as the risk for developing Trench’s foot is relatively high.

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