Merrell Women’s Moab Mid Gore-Tex Hiking Boots Review

8.8 Total Score
When hiking gets close to swimming!

Gore-Tex boots that support the ankles, give room to the toes and get grippy even on wet trails. Any foot problem goes away when putting these on and no other problem should appear either. Just remember to get a waterproof suit when swimming in these 🙂

  • High quality workmanship
  • They feel comfortable right out of the box
  • They’re sturdy but not stiff, offering good protection and comfort
  • The Gore-Tex liner keeps feet dry

  • The price may feel a little high
  • Not much padding on the inside
  • They don’t keep much warmth in cold weather


I was looking for some hiking boots that could give me more protection and confidence around the puddles and the wet slippery rocks so I got myself another pair of Merrell hiking boots. This time I went for a Gore-Tex model and I’m very happy for having them.

Even though I read about some complaining for the break-in period, I didn’t need a break in for these and I felt fine wearing them from the very first time, a 2 hours walk in the forest nearby.

These boots give me really great support for the ankles and the nice wide toe box gives good comfort when walking.

I feel very confident with these boots on slippery surfaces since they have a good, sturdy grip.

Some say you should go up ½ size when ordering these boots, but I didn’t and they fit me just fine, even with warm wool socks.

I have bunions and these boots protect them quite well as not even once made me feel uncomfortable. I also got no blisters from wearing these Merrell boots.

The boots are not stiff (not even in the first weeks) and they have some flexibility when you bend your feet.

The most important thing for which I bought these boots was their Gore-Tex and this didn’t disappoint me one bit! I can walk, confident and careless, in any puddles and jump over the stream with no fear. I even walked in some snow, but you have to pay attention to the height of the snow… 🙂

This is my list of the most important „pros” for these boots:

  • they are waterproof
  • they are very comfortable and give confidence on slippery terrains
  • the workmanship of these boots is extra high quality

On the other hand, these boots have little insulation and you do need some warm wool socks in cold weather. And maybe this is why some should go up ½ size when getting these boots.

I would like these boots to give me more arch support, but you can use some inserts for that.

Also, I think the boots could be higher on the ankles to give even more support.

For some reason, it has happened to me to get blisters when wearing these Gore-Tex boots. Maybe my socks should have been thicker, I can’t tell…

I have another model, non Gore-Tex, of Merrell boots, and that model trumps this one when it comes to comfort.

I also have to admit that this model is not very stylish. It could be improved, but…it depends on how much you care about the looks of your boots while hiking

I don’t know what’s the deal with the laces on Merrell boots, but I found no explanation (apart from the not so high quality?) for which the laces of these boots keep on getting untied. But, the laces are long enough so you can knot them twice, so… problem solved.

One thing that I find very funny is the crinkley noise of the boots when I walk. I think it’s the Gor-Tex „speaking” but this might annoy you after a while (if not you, then your hiking companions…)

In fewer words, the „cons” for these boots are, in my opinion:

  • the price (yep, I find it to be a little high)
  • not much padding on the inside. This model could win on the comfort side with some more padding.
  • they don’t keep your feet very warm in cold weather.

So, in the end, I am glad for getting the Gore-Tex Merrells also, as Merrell never disappointed me!


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