KEEN Women’s Terradora II Waterproof Boot Review

9.5 Total Score

Some things never change, and Keen footwear is one. Make your hiking more comfortable, reliable, and fun with the waterproof mid-cut boots that never disappoint!

  • The boots are lightweight yet dependable.
  • They protect against water from both outside and inside.
  • The boots have a feminine profile and an elegant vibe.
  • Some think that the toe box is more fitted than usual.
  • Metal hooks would make the boots even more durable.

You don’t need to be an avid hiker or a geek gear to know that some features are fundamental for hiking boots. You only need to take a brief look at the KEEN Women’s Terradora II Waterproof Boot to make an idea about the reliability and ruggedness, as these boots are ready to take a beat on both fundamental and more technical hikes.

Who is Keen?

Not all prestigious footwear manufacturers have been out there from the 21st century. Keen is one of the companies born at the beginning of the 21st century, but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make any less reliable or performant footwear for hiking.

On the contrary, keen footwear represents some of the best and wise investments that dedicated hikers should make, especially if they plan to hike for many years from now. Keen has impressed with the innovative features, and the protective black toe bumper is just one to name. If you’ve been hiking at least once, you know that descending puts a lot of pressure on your toes. Thanks to the rubber toe cap on keen boots, your toes will be protected when climbing down the hills.

If outdoor activities are your thing, you will want to complete your hiking equipment with keen clothes, footwear, and even bags. That is if you didn’t already do it.

We like what we see when taking a closer look at the boots. Here’s why!

If there were ever a pair of hiking boots that could pass as elegant, KEEN Women’s Terradora II Waterproof Boot would be it. These boots will pop out from the shelves as they rock a sleek profile and a feminine design, even if you’re still able to see the ruggedness and functionality for hiking.

KEEN Women’s Terradora II Waterproof Boot makes a reliable choice for day hikes or light trails in the warm season. They’re lightweight and incredibly breathable, providing dry comfort on a summer hike. They’re made with a high performant mesh upper with several overlays, which gives the lightweight support.

Even if ventilation is fundamental for summer hikes, water resistance is just as important, especially if you like stepping into puddles or hike when raining. The boots feature the famous KeenDry membrane, which will provide the best protection against water, no matter where it’s coming from. The membrane is soft and thin but incredibly effective in blocking water from getting inside the footwear, allowing sweat and vapors to get out. The mesh lining has adequate ventilation, so your feet won’t get toasty at the end of a summer hike. More importantly, the boots will dry as you go, rending the dry wear as a sure thing every time.

Dry wear means nothing to hikers if there’s not enough comfort inside the boots. KEEN Women’s Terradora II Waterproof Boot comes with a dual-density EVA midsole that adjusts to women’s feet’ unique shape. It’s a low-density midsole that helps with shock absorbency and lowers bruising risk from the sharp rocks or uneven trails. The footbed also offers the arch support that makes hiking more pleasant and less strenuous for the feet. Keep in mind that you may easily personalize the boots, as the midsole is easy to remove.

It’s a traditional lace-up system with metal hooks and durable shoelaces that you may tie as tight/loose as you need for an excellent fit. The Konnect Fit heel capture system will keep the heel in place for better comfort and less chafing while hiking. The tongue goes higher in the front, but it’s padded and works efficiently with the softly cushioned collar. These features and the design will protect the ankle, reducing the risk of ankle rolling. Plus, the padding is breathable so that the ankle area won’t get sweaty.

Traction and grip are also features that make the difference between good and lousy hiking boots. KEEN Women’s Terradora II Waterproof Boot comes with Keen All-Terrain rubber outsole, which takes a long time to wear, no matter how rocky or challenging your trails to become. The rubber outsole isn’t just durable but also gives superior traction and grip with anatomical flex. It means that you will be able to move naturally in the boots, both on well-maintained and risky tracks. Let’s not forget to mention the 4mm deep lugs that are multi-directional. They will help the shoes bite from all surfaces, sustaining the traction.

The toe cap is reinforced and tough, reducing the risk of the toes’ injuries upon impact on rocks.

The boots are comfortable to put on thanks to the pull up in the back. They’re ready to wear out of the box, and many hikers were impressed that the boots didn’t cause any sore points from day one.

The boots carry the proper weight for comfortable wear and a secure fit. They have a feminine profile, with very subtle pastel-colored accents in the lace-up system, and warm tones all over the build.

We like some things, but we wouldn’t mind minor improvements!

As you figured by now, the boots bring numerous positive aspects to the table, so keep reading for our list of pros:

  • The boots are lightweight yet dependable.
  • They protect against water from both outside and inside.
  • They let moisture escape and dry out fast.
  • The traction and grip are performant on all surfaces.
  • The lace-up system helps you get a snug fit.
  • The padded collar and tongue protect the ankle.
  • The sole is made with durable and sticky rubber.
  • The removable midsole creates excellent arch support.
  • The boots have a feminine profile and an elegant vibe.

Even though the boots aren’t far from being perfect, we still don’t see the flaws as deal breakers:

  • Some think that the toe box is more fitted than usual.
  • Metal hooks would make the boots even more durable.

Do we believe that you should buy them?

Definitely, yes. The boots are tough, reliable for summer hikes, waterproof, and breathable. They are grippy and give you traction, and the elegant appearance may seal the deal. It did for us.

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