KEEN Women’s Gypsum Mid Hiking Boot Review

9.4 Total Score
Wide size, all year long, comfortable, snug fit - they all „crashed” in these Keen boots.

With good support for the ankle and arch, smooth inside, with no bumps outside, these waterproof boots sure feel like slippers... that’s how lightweight they are! There are a lot of "No’s", though... No dirt, no mud, no water- none of them inside the boots. No wasted time either (they’re easy to lace up), no slipping (good grip on wet, rocky, slippery trails), no blisters, no cold (the boots keep warm). How to say "No" to these??

  • these boots are the most comfortable boots I have
  • they feel lightweight and I can hike for hours
  • the boots give great support for the arch and for the ankles

  • the size runs rather small. Order ½ size up
  • they get a little too warm inside
  • not sturdy enough for snow


I have always wanted a pair of boots that I can wear all year long, that would give me no blisters or worries when the rain starts to fall… So I found this pair of hiking boots from Keen and I am happier than ever for getting them.

Apart from everything else, these boots are very comfortable and my wide feet finally found some good snuggle with these boots. Let me tell you about the many things I like about these boots… here are my “pros“:

  • these boots are the most comfortable boots I have
  • they feel lightweight and I can hike for hours… It’s like wearing slippers while hiking 🙂
  • the boots give great support for the arch and for the ankles
  • they are smooth inside and I feel no seams or bumps
  • the tongue is integrated and it’s part of the main boot. This way, the tongue is even more efficient in keeping the dirt, mud, water, debris away from your feet
  • I had no rubbing issues with these boots
  • the boots give great traction even on heavy duty trails (wet, rocky and so on)
  • I think these boots are shaped great for giving comfort
  • the laces are good quality and it’s very easy to lace up
  • they have a classic appearance
  • the boots are pretty flexible
  • I didn’t need a break in period for these boots and they gave me no blisters, not even on my first wear
  • the toe box is nice and wide and I guess that helps with the balance
  • the boots have good cushioning and padding around the ankle
  • you won’t feel the cold since they keep your feet very warm
  • the boots are waterproof. I tried them in many wet areas, while raining also and had no problems whatsoever.

As for the downsides… there are some minor things that I’m not very fond of, but they still wouldn’t make me regret buying these boots.

My “cons” are:

  • the size runs rather small. I did order ½ size up and it was good because that way I can also wear a pair of socks
  • I think the boots get a little too warm inside. On a summer hike you take a relieved breath when you finally take them out!
  • I guess the boots could use some improvement in the breathing area as it’s not working that well at the moment
  • the boots gave me some blisters on my lower calf…
  • I avoided wearing them in the wintertime… they don’t look sturdy enough for the heavy snow (I bought taller boots for the heavy snow)
  • even though their conservative look is nice, I think a female model could be a little bit more feminine. I mean, the design could be prettier 🙂
  • the sole of the boots doesn’t feel very long lasting
  • these boots are definitely for wide feet. I mean, I am happy for this as my arch is high and the toe box is quite wide, but a narrow foot would need some thick socks when wearing these boots.
  • the top hook broke after some months and I got very disappointed… the boots are so good quality overall
  • the price is not the lowest on the market. It’s a good investment, either way, but maybe they could improve some things since you’re paying so much.

All in all, these waterproof boots are still the most comfortable boots, that I use when day hiking (not when heavily backpacked though).


Keen Women's Gypsum Boot

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