KEEN Women’s Targhee II Waterproof Hiking Boots Review

9.4 Total Score
The lightweight boots that give wings to any hiking experience!

These waterproof boots mold to your feet from the beginning, giving comfort and no weight while you hike. Easy to lace up, these make you forget you have any boots on - only their warmth in the winter gives them away!

  • Comfortable off the box, don’t require a break in period
  • Easy and fast to put on and take off
  • Will protect bunions, and not make them worse

  • They tend to slip in the wet areas and I would like a better grip for the rocky trails
  • I would like the boots to go higher the ankles and give more support
  • I think the price is a little bit too high


Some friend of mine told me of these hiking boots a year ago and I got them for me, expecting some good boots.

I got so excited after my first hiking experience and I really have to share my impressions on them!

First of all, I got so impressed that they didn’t need any break in period and they didn’t give me any blisters not then, nor afterwards. And it’s a little bit confusing, since my friend got a blister when wearing these boots for the very first time.

My pros are so many, but I’ll try to only give you the most important ones:

  • I took the seller’s advice and ordered ½ size large than the usual size and didn’t regret it at all!
  • as I mentioned, these boots didn’t require a break in period (not in my case, anyway)
  • they keep very warm (but they don’t make my feet sweat)
  • they are very easy to put on (they feature speed lacing and ankle lace locks) and are very easy to take off also
  • I have some bunions and these boots really took good care of them (didn’t make it worse…)
  • they look really cute
  • they give great traction while hiking
  • they are very well made and feel long lasting (after one year of long hikes, in various weather conditions, they still look like I just bought them!)
  • they feel very comfortable
  • on the long hikes, after a few hours, I don’t even feel them on- that’s how lightweight they feel!
  • they are water repellent enough- I stepped in so many puddles and didn’t get wet. Of course, once the water goes over the ankles, there’s no more waterproofing…

As much as I like these boots, there are also some things that I might complain about. My cons are:-

  • I found the top of the boot is not as thermal as other parts
  • even though I think the boots are reliable for the long hikes, on the heavy duty trails, they didn’t give me the same confidence.
  • they tend to slip in the wet areas and I would like a better grip for the rocky trails
  • I think the price is a little bit too high
  • I would like the boots to go higher up the ankles
  • maybe the sole is too thick and this is why the boots don’t give confidence on heavier hikes
  • as much as I tried, I often feel the ankle not to stay tight enough
  • there could be definitely more cushioning around the tongue and the soles
  • I would like more ankle support
  • my husband also has this model and I really like the darker colors that male boot models have. So, darker colors to choose from for women would be nice also
  • these boots don’t provide great arch support, but I use my own inserts so I got this problem solved

Apart from all of these, I really like that these boots are made in the USA.

I forgot to mention that the feet won’t sweat in these boots since they have a breathable membrane.

The boots are long lasting, for sure, and the leather used seems to be very high quality.

It’s great also for these boots that you can take out the footbed (dual density EVA, I think…)

In the end, I use these comfortable, reliable, hiking boots on my very long hikes, no matter how rainy the weather gets…


Keen Women's Targhee II Shoe

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