MILLET Women’s High Rise Hiking Shoes Review

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The hiker young at heart has just found the perfect boots for hiking.

Just because it’s hiking, it doesn’t mean it cannot be playful and fun. Give your hikes a fun vibe with these colorful hiking boots. They may look less serious, however it’s nothing but serious when it comes to their features and build!

  • The shoes have a great appearance.
  • They are rugged and dependable.
  • They’re grippy and provide good traction and stability.
  • Breathability could be better.
  • Metal hooks would have worked better.

Women who like to hike in style and care how their hiking shoes look like will find the MILLET Women’s High Rise as one of the prettiest options right now.

The colorful accents smooth out the rugged build, and the MILLET Women’s High Rise has both the functional and the looks to appreciate. It’s their looks that will get your attention more often than not, but it’s the features that will make you value them for what they indeed are: reliable hiking shoes.

Who is the Millet company?

It was the 30’s when Millet created and gave the world the first shopping bags with braces. Few years down the road, the bags turn into backpacks, and the idea became successful for the French company. Millet products are technical mountain type, and the long history makes them trustworthy and wise investments in the long run.

Nowadays, the company is owned by Lafuma and makes backpacks, sleeping bags, and a great variety of outdoor gear, footwear included.

MILLET Women’s High Rise – let’s go over the details!

The first thing you will see at the MILLET Women’s High Rise is the colorful appearance, with a young and modern feel. The bright coral stripe all around the middle of the soles makes a lovely contrast with the upper part of the boots’ blue emerald. The looks are toned down a bit with the shoes’ black elements, and the coral-dotted shoelaces match the coral stripe on the bottom.

Despite the colorful appearance, the shoes are rugged and seem reliable to take on many hikes from now on. The features of MILLET Women’s High Rise recommend them for both hiking and trekking, in warm and cold weather as well.

MILLET Women’s High Rise presents a mid-cut design, giving you speed and stability as you hike. The build is tough, and the boots come with Millet Gore-Tex membrane and nubuck upper components. Water won’t get inside, whereas moisture will escape due to the Gore-Tex membrane. The nubuck upper classic has a velvet-like feel, but it’s resistant to wear and tear. It’s made with waterproof and hydrophobic protection so that it blocks water from getting inside the boots. The Gore-Tex membrane is both waterproof and breathable, so your feet will stay dry on hot summer hikes or when stepping into some puddles.

When it comes to protection against the elements, MILLET Women’s High Rise impress with the features, and the neoprene gaiter blocks out the elements.

As they’re made with rugged materials and nubuck leather, the boots may need a day or two to break in. Rugged looks are useless without comfort when it comes to hiking footwear, and the MILLET Women’s High Rise tick the comfort box as well.

Despite the rigid materials and build, they present sufficient flexibility. The outsole is stiff, but still provides good movement on all trails. The mid-cut build of the boots protects the ankle, whereas the cushioned collar improves the ankle area’s comfort. The collar is higher in front so that your ankles move freely. The boots have a well-padded heel stabilizer, keeping the heel in place while hiking.

We should also notice that the MILLET Women’s High Rise comes with a hybrid lacing, strap, and eyelet. The metal hooks and the durable laces let you get the snug fit every time. The loop on the back ease-out use, so it’s easy to put the boots on.

The toe room is spacious, and your toes won’t get cramped nor touch the top of the boots while descending. The rubber toe guard is very efficient that way.

Shock absorbency and protection from impact won’t be a problem with the shoes thanks to the Vibram outsoles dense composition, creating a rigid barrier between your feet and the trails. Despite the rigid material, it’s lightweight and ensures efficient grip and traction. The lugs bite into the terrain, and the boots are sticky and reliable on most surfaces. The Vibram outsole works almost entirely with the EVA dual-density midsole, creating a padding layer for more comfortable hiking.

MILLET Women’s High Rise is made to take a long time use, but you should expand the lifespan by taking good care of them after each hike. When necessary, a sponge or a soft brush with some water should be used for cleaning the shoes. Never put the shoes in the dryer or washing machine. Let the footwear dry naturally for durability.

What are the features we appreciate the most? Do the flows worry us?

The shoes come with numerous positive characteristics, but some are important to mention:

  • The shoes have a great appearance.
  • They are rugged and dependable.
  • They’re made with waterproof and breathable material.
  • They’re rugged but provide good flexibility.
  • They feature a high cushioned heeling cup and rubber toe cap.
  • They protect the ankle.
  • The shoes come with a hybrid lace-up system.
  • They’re grippy and provide good traction and stability.

We’re not changing our mind over some downsides, as they’re minor, but it’s fair to list them still:

  • Breathability could be better.
  • Some think that metal hooks would have worked better.

What’s our final say?

Women hikers who love to hike in nice-looking shoes should put MILLET Women’s High Rise on their shopping list. They will make a colorful yet dependable option for many hikes.

MILLET Women's High Rise Hiking Boots

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