Ahnu Women’s Montara Boot Review

9.4 Total Score
Colorful hiking, all year long, in great comfort, right from the very first wear!

Stylish boots that are nicely colored, ready to wear right off the box, keeping the feet warm in winter and dry in the summer. Well and solidly built, these boots are soft for your comfort and sturdy for the challenging trails.

  • Quality build, comfortable soft leather
  • Perfect for narrow feet
  • Non-sticking soles

  • Hard to find true-to-color pictures at the Internet sellers
  • The rough terrain pushes in through the sole
  • Not enough arch support


As my feet are quite narrow, I had some problems finding the right hiking boots, as I do hike a lot in my free time.

Ever since I got these Ahnu boots, I am happy to go on hikes (and around town for my usual errands!) every chance I get.

I like these leather boots as they are waterproof, nicely colored (even though the colors shown on the Internet are not exactly as in reality, but they look even better on my feet!) and felt comfortable from the first time I put them on. They didn’t need a break in period and I got no blisters while wearing them.

There are many things I like about these boots, so hear my „pros”:

  • they fit snugly on my feet
  • they look very stylish
  • the toe protector really matters when it comes to comfort
  • they are very warm
  • no matter how warm you might feel wearing them, no sweat will get near your feet (it’s because of the padded collar with Event breathability…)
  • the insole is removable for orthotics
  • the support for the ankle is quite good
  • the stitching seems very solid
  • the eyelets are quite strong
  • the laces are not beefy, which is important for a lady’s boots 🙂
  • they do not feel stiff at all, even though they are made of leather
  • the boots run true to size ( I didn’t have to go up ½ a size)
  • I noticed that, no matter what the conditions on the trails, no dirt, mud or debris was picked up by these boots
  • I haven’t tried these boots much on the winter hikes, but I’m guessing they will do just fine (the snow they’ve „seen” so far didn’t hurt them)
  • I like how they are soft on the inner leather lining
  • they are well sealed

As most of the things out there on the market, no product is perfect and neither are these boots… Don’t get me wrong, they are still a great buy (the price is awesome for the quality you get!), but some things could be improved on these boots.

My „cons” would be:

  • they are nicely colored, but the colors you get differ from what you see on the web
  • the toe box is a little bit too roomy for my narrow feet
  • I had to replace the footbeds (I didn’t get along with theirs…)
  • on the heavy trails (rough terrain), I could feel all the rocks and the debris… so thicker soles would be nicer
  • I found the upper part to be quite bulky (and it’s such a shame for the rest of the look)
  • I think they need more cushioned supportive insole
  • they feel sometimes uncomfortable at the joint of the seams and the location of the ties at the top of boot
  • on a long hike in a rough terrain, they don’t feel as lightweight as in the beginning
  • there is no cushion on the bottom of foot and the inside is hard, so the comfort for the rocky trails goes off the window
  • the boot feels tight across the top of the foot
  • I feel no arch support with these boots on
  • the speed grommets seem to not be very durable
  • the insole is quite flimsy

In the end, I really like these leather Ahnu boots, for my „urban” hikes and not for the heavy duty ones and I would buy them again, if I had to. They seem very long lasting, though… 🙂


Ahnu Women's Montara Boot


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