Columbia Women’s Firecamp Hiking Shoe Review

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Hiking boots for women that look only for women!

Some say women don’t know what they want, but for women hikers who precisely know what kind of shoes they need for their all-year-round hikes, these shoes will make the right choice. The shoes to wear on snowy trails and dry tracks in the summers are here!

  • They provide comfort and support for the ankle
  • They have clean looks
  • They are tough and durable

  • The arch support may be improved
  • Some think that the shoes run a tad small

Women who have been hiking for some time now probably figured out which features they need to have in their hiking footwear. Columbia Women’s Firecamp Hiking Shoe is the rugged shoes that take both the snowy and the dry trails without letting you down.

Who is Columbia?

Not many people know it, but Columbia Sportswear began as a hat distribution company in the late 30s.  The company’s road to becoming one of the most prestigious companies for sportswear today was complicated and challenging. But it’s the less pleasant experiences that push people to want and do more, and that was the case for Columbia as well.

Columbia sportswear company manufactures and distributes sportswear, footwear, outerwear, and ski apparel, camping equipment, and outwear accessories.

Today, anyone hiking, camping, backpacking, or skiing may have at least a piece of gear made by Columbia. The features, build for durable use, and reliability Columbia products, no matter if it’s footwear or sportswear we’re talking about, are the reasons for which so many outdoor enthusiasts buy them.

Let’s have a closer look at the most important features!

Columbia Women’s Firecamp Hiking Shoe is the classic hiking shoes that look reliable and ready to take a beat. There are no surprises when it comes to these shoes made for all-year-round use, no matter how your trails become.

Even if the shoes are made with textile, they are rugged and present high resistance to wear and tear. The build and detailed stitches improve the durability and toughness of the shoes. Columbia Women’s Firecamp Hiking Shoe is made with Omni-tech technology providing breathable protection. The upper body of the footwear is waterproof but breathable at the same time. The material won’t allow elements to get inside but will allow moisture to escape from your feet. In the end, your feet will stay dry, no matter if you’re hiking on a hot summer day or not.

Don’t let the material upper fool you or question the abilities of the shoes. The Omni-tech technology ensures a seam-sealed build for the membrane bootie. The boots become an envelope, both water-resistant and breathable. They’re made for snow and rainy days, and you shouldn’t let the profile fool you as the shoes are nothing but waterproof and reliable.

The waterproof woven synthetic textile will protect the feet in any weather conditions without sacrificing the looks. Columbia Women’s Firecamp Hiking Shoe has a relatively sleek profile, with subtle insulation and attractive details.

Columbia’s iconic technology makes the Columbia Women’s Firecamp Hiking Shoe stand out, as they’re well-padded and protective against the elements. The shoes feel comfortable right out of the box, so we can ever speak of a break-in period. The risk of hot points or blistering is minor.

The insulation will keep your feet warm, but the materials’ high quality will keep the feet dry with minimal risk of toasty feet at the end of the day.

Many features contribute to comfort, and the midsole is one to name. Columbia Women’s Firecamp Hiking Shoe comes with TechLite EVA midsole for absorbing shock and improve comfort upon impact.

Waterproof build and breathability become useless if the shoes don’t provide stability on wet surfaces. The fantastic features of the bootie for wet hiking are completed with the synthetic sole. Not only that, it’s tough and ready to handle intense hiking, but it’s also made with Omni-grip technology. It’s a multi-terrain traction system with treads for particular surfaces. The dual-zone winter tread pattern provides stability on ice and snow, completing the waterproof features. The shoes will keep you steady and improve traction no matter where or when you hike.

The reinforced front will reduce the risk of bruising and injuries of the toes, and the shoes are comfortable when climbing and descending.

The lace-up design lets you tie the laces as tight as you need for the best fit. The shoe’s tongue and top edge are softly padded for more comfort around the ankles and increased support. The risk of chafing is minor too.

The looks are subtle but classic and neat. They may not be the most attractive shoes, but that’s not fundamental for hiking footwear.

We also have a list of pros and cons!

There are many good things related to these shoes, so here’s our list of pros:

  • They’re made with Omni-tech technology.
  • The shoes are entirely waterproof but breathable
  • The sole is made with Omni-grip for increased grip on ice and snow
  • The boots are grippy
  • They provide comfort and support for the ankle
  • They have clean looks
  • They are tough and durable

We don’t consider the downsides significant in any way:

  • The arch support may be improved
  • Some think that the shoes run a tad small

Should you buy them or not?

Hiking is a lot about taking risks and try the unwalked trails. These shoes will be there for you to help you conquer the less walked paths, no matter if it’s snow or hot summer trails that you’re trying.

Columbia Women’s Firecamp Hiking Shoe

Columbia Firecamp™ SKU:#8137272

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