Merrell Women’s All Out Blaze Mid-Rise Waterproof Hiking Boot Review

8.8 Total Score
Wide feet? High arch? Long toes? All together? These are the boots for you!

Cushioned, with nice motion support, lighweight, waterproof and also looking nice, these are the easy to clean up boots that can take you up the mountains and... out town, if you need it. Flexible, protecting your ankles and arch, they are blister free, no matter which season you wear them in.

  • This a pair of well made boots; the materials are high quality
  • They feel lightweight and give good foot and ankle support
  • They’re waterproof and clean easily
  • They’re pretty!

  • The boots have no removable insole
  • The sole is not very shock absorbing, which gets tiring on long hikes
  • It gets slippery on wet surfaces


I am a big fan of Merrell and when I got these new hiking boots (they ship extremely fast, I must add!), I was so pleased with my purchase once again!

There are many things I like about these boots and I was surprised to see other people’s opinions. I mean, I have average width feet, high arch and long toes and I still think these are the most comfortable boots I ever got!

Here’s my list of pros:

  • the boots feel lightweight
  • they have good cushioning and give nice motion support
  • they remain dry even after walking through some puddles
  • the boots are really well made
  • there are high quality materials used for these boots
  • I really like their looks, it’s not too nerdy
  • these boots are for sure waterproof
  • it’s very easy to clean up these babies
  • I use them not only for my outdoor hobbies (day hiking, rock climbing), but also when I do errands around town and sometimes I wear them all day long
  • the boots give me great arch support
  • the flexibility of these boots is amazing
  • I also hike in bad, cold weather conditions and the boots keep me warm and safe
  • they never gave me any blisters
  • the boots are true to size but I guess for those who want to put a pair of thick socks they should go up ½ size. I didn’t and I’m OK like this.

My list of cons then runs as follows:

  • the boots have no removable insole. As a matter of fact, they have no insole at all!
  • I never dare to use these boots on my extreme backpacking experiences as they don’t seem sturdy enough for that kind of terrain
  • sometimes, my ankles hurt when wearing these boots
  • the price is not that low…
  • I had to give these boots a couple of days to break in. Not many days, but I think I couldn’t have done it without the break in
  • the shock absorption is quite poor (and this is why I don’t use them on the heavy duty trails) and the boots end up giving me sore, tired feet
  • the soles tend to get slippery on wet surfaces
  • I think they are a little bit too wide
  • the laces are short! I mean they are a good 10″ shorter than any regular shoe laces. I did change them with longer ones, but, for this price, you would expect not to buy other laces
  • the tongue is not wide enough for this boot
  • they don’t have a good grip on rough ground and I think it’s not safe to use them on rocky terrains
  • wet surfaces are also a problem for these boots and I definitely get very cautious when it’s raining or I have to walk a wet hallway…
  • I had to add inserts, in the end, to get greater comfort.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think these boots are very comfortable, perfect for all day around town, day hikes, with some minor issues to keep in mind. Still a great buy, any given day!



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