Danner Women’s St Helens 4.5-Inch Hiking Boots Review

8.4 Total Score
Hiking is serious business. But why not add some color to it?

Made of leather and nylon, these boots are lightweight and waterproof, long enough, narrow enough and don’t let the heel slip. But, it lets the toes wiggle since the toe box is roomy and comfortable. They keep the blisters away and can handle the rocky trails.

  • the boots are of great quality and give good comfort
  • they are waterproof and lightweight
  • they come in nice colors, as pictured

  • the boots need a break in period
  • the arch support could be improved
  • the price is not that low


I like colors a lot so it was quite a joy for me when I found these nice, colored Danner hiking boots.

If you never had any Danners, you should!

They were shipped to me quickly and I liked them for the first time I put them on! Plus, the colors are as pictured!

The boots are very lightweight and I can not believe they are also waterproof. They are made of leather and nylon fabric at the upper and they resist pretty well.

I am a 8.5 and I ordered 8.5 and they fit me perfectly even with some regular sport socks on. And it’s not so bad either when wearing the thicker, woolen socks!

The toe box is nice and roomy and this makes the boots more comfortable. Because, yes, these boots are very comfortable.

The boots are long enough, narrow enough and the heel doesn’t slip.

Ever since I got these boots, I didn’t get any blisters and the boots give me nice support, no matter how tough my trails get. As a matter of fact, I’m not only using these boots at work, but also when I hike and they are pretty sturdy for all kinds of trails. Even the rocky ones didn’t give me any problems… only with my back, because of my backpack, but that’s another story to tell 🙂

So, in a small list, here are my “pros”:

  • the boots are of great quality
  • they are waterproof
  • they come in nice colors, as pictured
  • they are lightweight
  • the boots give good comfort

As with all hiking boots or those made of leather at least these boots needed some break-in period but they never gave me any sore feet or blisters..

I didn’t feel great arch support when wearing these boots and I had to solve my problem on my own: I used inserts.

The boots are a little bit stiff around the ankle in the beginning, but this goes away the longer you wear them.

Even though I am very pleased with these boots, I think they are little bit pricey…

My short list of “cons” would be:

  • the boots need a break in period
  • the arch support could be improved
  • the price is not that low

As I take these Danners everywhere I go, I still think they are a great investment and I tell all my friends: „If you never had Danners, you should get them as soon as you can!” I really like the quality, the colors, the comfort, their versatility and I’m trying not to focus on the downsides. I take good care they’re not so big that I can’t overcome them.


Danner Manufacture


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