Danner Women’s Crater Rim 6 Hiking Boot Review

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Looks can be deceiving! The sleek, timeless leather boots that hide the hard core boots!

Handmade in our USA, from high quality materials, these boots soften in time, becoming your new best friends for your hikes, all year long. They keep you warm in winter, dry in the summer, are lightweight, grippy and let you feel no rocks on your trails. Sturdy and flexible, these are the hardcore boots to get for two decades- if you can handle them...

  • the boots are handmade in the USA
  • they are very comfortable and offer great foot support
  • the breathability and waterproofness are amazing

  • the lacing system is not the best
  • the ankle support suffers because of the lacing
  • the heel slips sometimes


I searched high and low for a good pair of hiking boots since my last ones gave up on me right before a long hike in the mountains.

When it comes to hiking boots, I’m never cheap, as I know a good pair of hiking boots can hold several years, so it’s a great investment, after all.

I found these Danners and they are truly the proof that you should never get fooled by the looks of something/someone 🙂 The boots look very simple, have a classic design, with warm colors and they don’t seem to be the hard core boots that they’ve turned up to be after a few months.

They are handmade in our USA so the quality of the materials and the construction are phenomenal. The boots are reinforced in all the right places and I’m sure I’m gonna have them around for at least a decade.

It took me one day to break the boots in and even though they seemed to be a tad stiff on the first wear, they got softer and more comfortable with each wear. I did treat the leather with some mink oil just to help them out a bit.

The boots keep me warm in the winter and keep the moist away in the summer, as they are waterproof and breathable at the same time.

They are a wide fit, I think, and I can wear my insulated socks in them.

The boots provide great support for the ankle and feel lightweight.

They have good grip and the traction is amazing.

I feel no rocks when wearing these boots because the shock absorption is amazing also. The thick soles add protection when hiking on rocky trails.

The fiberglass shank gives torsional rigidity and stability on uneven terrain, but once the boots broke in, they are extremely flexible and give freedom on the move.

These are all-year-round boots and I didn’t avoid any weather or trail conditions.

The pros would be:

  • the boots are handmade in the USA
  • they are very comfortable
  • the breathability and waterproofness are amazing
  • the boots give great stability and support the ankles
  • the grip is very good and the traction just as well
  • the thick soles protect the feet on rocky trails
  • the shock absorption is very good
  • these are very long lasting boots
  • the boots are a wide fit

Unfortunately, I was rather disappointed by the lacing system. As much as I try, I never get to tie the laces very tight, losing the ankle support.

These boots run wide- for me it’s fine- but I think a narrow foot person should try another model for their hiking boots.

It’s also weird that the boots are wider at the heel than the mid foot, so the heel slips sometimes.

Because of the lacing system, I can’t secure my ankles in these boots and I’ve encountered some ankle rubbing as well.

As much as I love these boots, I have to admit that they’re not cheap…

So, short list of cons:

  • the lacing system is not the best
  • the ankle support suffers because of the lacing
  • the heel slips sometimes
  • the boots may come pricey for some

Don’t get me wrong: these are the best hiking boots I have ever had and they will stick around for many years as they give me comfort, support, and that classic look 🙂


Danner Crater Rim & Mt. Defiance at Summer OR Show 2011

Danner Women's Crater Rim 6 Hiking Boot, Brown


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