Hanwag Women’s Yukon Boot Review

9.8 Total Score
The tough all-leather, NO Gore-Tex hikers

These leather waxed hiking boots still manage to be waterproof, breathable, sturdy and grippy on all kinds of terrains, in all kinds of weather conditions.

  • the boots are made of waxed nubuck leather and are waterproof
  • the construction is sturdy, well made, with high quality materials
  • the boots work very well in heavy duty hiking

  • the boots are pricey
  • they run a bit wide at the arch
  • they’re not made in Germany anymore

When you go hiking as much as I do, you simply know that having the right pair of hiking boots is the no.1 requirement for the successful hiking. I mean, yeah, sure, you can have a great, comfortable backpack, great weather conditions, the company, the views… but nothing can equal the suffering from a bunion, a rubbing, or moist feet while hiking…

I tried so many types of hiking boots so far, most of them had Gore-Tex liner and I came to the conclusion that Gore-Tex liner…sucks! I mean, it makes the boot uncomfortable, the feet don’t breathe very well… and who wants that while hiking for 7 hours?

The first thing that got me to take a look to these boots was not having Gore-Tex liner as they are made of waxed leather. I think and they have proven to me that these boots breathe better and are actually quite waterproof. As long as you wax and waterproof them from time to time.

These boots have a traditional look and are well made, in Europe.

I used these on all kinds of terrains, the grip is good, the stability is amazing and they are rugged enough even for the heavy trails. These boots are really robust.

There are minimal seams on the upper parts, so there’s less risk for rubbing and getting hot spots.

The soft, perforated leather lined collar contributes a lot to the breathability of the boots.

The lining is made of a supple, moisture wicking leather and I think these boots handle moisture far better than other boots.

The protection against the elements (debris, small rocks) is also good –the gusseted tongue does its tricks.

When it comes to lacing, that’s easy to do, thanks to the metal lacing system, with deep eyelets. This improves also the ankle support as I tie the laces as tight as I need them.

The rubber rand protects the boots from abrasions and the Vibram Fuora rubber outsole comes with wide, self-cleaning groves.

The forefoot is flexible, giving freedom on the move.

The list of „pros”:

  • the boots are made of waxed nubuck leather
  • they are still waterproof and breathable
  • the construction is sturdy, well made, with high quality materials
  • the upper comes with minimal seams
  • the collar is breathable
  • the gusseted tongue protects against debris
  • the metal lacing system is efficient and keeps the ankle protected
  • the Vibram rubber outsole gives a good grip on any kind of trail
  • the boot is flexible
  • the boots work amazingly well in heavy duty hiking
  • the leather lining wicks moisture
  • the rubber rand gives durability to the boots

There were only very few things to dislike about these boots.

The boots seem to be a bit wide at the arch, at least for me. Sizing is different from person to person, so this is natural, I guess.

When it comes to the price… well, I did spend some on them. Totally worth it… but still, not a bargain.

Plus, the boots used to be made in Germany, but now… they’re made somewhere else in Europe, probably Eastern Europe. What happened here? I’m not saying Europe is not good enough, but… German precision is better.

Therefore, the list of „cons”:

  • the boots are pricey
  • they run a bit wide at the arch
  • they’re not made in Germany anymore

After so many experiences with Goretex-lined hiking boots, I decided to never go back to that and stay with the waxed nubuck leather. It works wonders in a pair like the Yukon Hanwags.

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