Hanwag Tatra GTX Hiking Women’s Boot Review

9.8 Total Score
Being the only one in your group with dry feet on a rainy hike... rules 🙂

German precision made these waterproof boots seamless on the inside, with careful stitching, ready to take on any heavy duty trails, no matter how snowy, muddy or wet they are. Tough, sturdy, flexible, with great ankle and arch support, roomy toe box and efficient lacing system, replaceable soles, these are the boots that last through decades of use.

  • the boots are unbelievably waterproof
  • they are comfortable
  • they are very well made

  • they make a creaking sound in the beginning
  • the sole gets muddy pretty fast
  • the boots don’t breathe very well in hot weather

I like hiking and I go out in the mountains and over the hills whenever my hike friends are coming too, as I don’t like to hike alone.

So many times we went together hiking and together we ruined out boots because of the heavy rain or snowy trails…But, I guess I’m gonna be all alone from now on since these boots are unbeatable when it comes to waterproof. I wouldn’t believe it from others, but on the last hiking trip I was the only one with dry feet at the end of a 5 hour rain…

So, yes, Germans do like to be perfect as these are made in Germany, and they are perfectly waterproof. And the boots dry pretty fast, when all was awash.

The boots are also comfortable and they give great ankle support.

The boots look better than in the pictures and everything about them screams quality: materials, construction, the attention to details.

The stitching is perfect and the seamless interior makes the walk free of rubbing.

These are boots for heavy duty trails as they give great traction on any kind of trails: muddy, snowy, rocky, wet rock.

The curved soles help the rolling gait and the roomy toe box brings more comfort.

I can hike in these in the milder cold, as they don’t keep very warm.

The boots needed short time to break in but they never gave me any blisters, just some sore points after a 12 hour hike.

The boots provide amazing functionality as they are both tough, sturdy and flexible.

They have high ankles, but give good ankle support.

The lacing system is efficient also and I really like the roller lacing eyes which make it easy to wear the boots.

After three years of use, these boots still look amazing, even though they are made of leather.

The soles are replaceable, but they still hold up pretty well so far.

Short list of pros:

  • the boots are unbelievable when it comes to waterproofness
  • they are comfortable
  • the boots have a good grip and give an efficient traction, no matter how the trail gets: wet, slippery, snowy
  • the boots are very well made, with perfect stitching, from high quality materials
  • the soles are removable
  • the boots hold up pretty well after constant wear when outdoor and at work, daily
  • there are no seams on the inside, therefore there is no rubbing
  • the boots are solid and flexible at the same time
  • they work best in the milder climates
  • the lacing system is quite efficient also
  • the boots are very comfortable

There used to be an annoying creak when I walked in these boots in the beginning, but this has disappeared in time.

It seems that the sole traps mud pretty easily…

In the summer time I avoid wearing these- as they are so good with keeping water at bay, they don’t breathe very well… So, there’s a lot of moisture in them in the summertime.

The boots feel a bit heavy- they are for heavy duty trails, remember?

The boots are a tad pricey… everything coming from Europe seems to be that way 🙂

Short list of “cons”:

  • the annoying sound in the beginning
  • the sole gets muddy pretty fast
  • the boots don’t breathe very well
  • they come expensive

I still love my perfectly waterproof German, comfortable boots, even though they come a bit pricey, but they are reliable in the rain, no matter what 🙂

Hanwag Tatra Product Test (German)

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