Asolo Women’s TPS 520 GV Hiking Boots Review

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Leather boots can be lightweight and soft from the very first time!

These boots are comfortable right from the beginning, run true to size and can take you places all year long. Hey, they can even show up for dinner! Your feet stay warm in the winter, dry in the summer, sprain free, sore free! The wide toe box, the heel in place, the adjustable lacing, the great European craftsmanship, can only mean one thing: long lasting, confidence-building boots!

  • the boots are waterproof
  • they are very comfortable
  • they give good ankle support

  • the boots may come pricey to some
  • there’s some rubbing at times against the front of the foot from the tongue
  • they are pretty stiff at first


First of all let me get things straight: I am someone who does a lot of hiking but also runs errands around the town a lot so when I went on a quest to find a good pair of boots I wanted something that will fit both of my needs.

I got these and the first thing I liked about them was the nice chestnut color.

As they are entirely made from leather, I was expecting for them not to be that lightweight, but they are not too heavy either. Also, I thought they’d need a little more time to break in, but that wasn’t the case.

The boots feel very comfortable, and run true to size- at least in my case. I am a wide feet person and these fit me just right.

I use these boots when I go on a one day hike, but also when I go backapacking or in town for business. And yes, I did take them to dinner once or twice as they look very pretty and feel so comfy.

I wear these all year long and they keep me warm enough in the winter and my feet don’t get too sweaty or too warm in the summer time either.

The boots have a good grip and are very sturdy, even on more difficult types of terrain; I had no problems while hiking a wet, slippery, rocky trail ever.

I am prone to ankle sprains, but these boots give me great ankle support so… one problem gone!

The quality of these boots is amazing- they are made in Romania, but I think they train and supervise the staff pretty well, considering the quality of the boots.

I was having sore toenails once and then I put these on… they gave me no pains and not even when climbing downhill did the boots touch my nails!

I really like these boots as they have a nice, wide toe box but still keep the heel well in place, for greater stability.

The boots are also easily adjustable using the lacing.

I do take good care of the boots regularly, using some saddle soap and Leather honey- I do want them around for a good decade!

I’ll try to sum up a list of “pros”:

  • the boots are waterproof
  • they are very comfortable
  • they give good ankle support
  • they are for wide feet, but run true to size
  • the boots are sturdy and have a good grip
  • the boots look nice and are easy to take care of
  • the quality of the boots is great
  • they seem to be long lasting
  • the boots are easy to break in and not even once gave me any blisters
  • the boots are not too heavy weight

When it comes to the downsides of the boots, I’m thinking that they are not the cheapest boots out there.

Also, sometimes, the tongue rubs against the front of the foot.

For the money I paid, I would have liked these boots to come with a warranty…

As any other leather boots, they do feel a little bit stiff in the beginning.

Short list of “cons”:

  • the boots may come pricey to some
  • there’s some rubbing at times against the front of the foot from the tongue
  • there is no warranty for the boots
  • they are pretty stiff at first

But, in the end, I couldn’t be more satisfied with these comfortable, all year long hiking boots.


Asolo 520 TPS GV Hiking Boots Review

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