Asolo Women’s Karaj GV GORE-TEX Hiking Boot Review

9.6 Total Score
Feminine and nice on the outside, rugged on the inside!

The boots that catch your eye’s attention and your feet's devotion as they are comfortable and constructed to get on the rugged terrain! These boots are strap on compatible, and tough weather and trail conditions compatible: they are waterproof, breathable, grippy, shock absorbent, ready for the heavily backpacked hikes. In all of these, they will keep you blister-free!

  • the boots have great build and finishes
  • they are very comfortable and versatile
  • the waterproofness and the breathability work great
  • the shock absorption is great

  • Maybe they could be made a little more breathable in the summer


I was on a hike one day and, as my feet hurt from the blisters and moisture, I realized I could and definitely should buy another pair of hiking boots…

I searched high and low for a new pair that would take me, comfortable and dry, all the way up to the mountains as planned.

I found these and I have to admit it was the color combination that stroke me: the nice blue with grey was appealing and the flawless design convinced me in a jiffy!

Even though they are so pretty, these Asolo boots are built for the rough terrain and are solid enough to take me not only hiking, but some mountaineering also! The boots are strap-on crampon compatible and they work great like that!

The boots are waterproof and the ventilation is also very efficient, as I tried them in the summer time also. No moisture, no soaked socks- but I do avoid taking them when it’s too hot…

These boots handle very well the snow and the puddles, so their waterproofness is real.

They are made of a durable suede and a nylon upper that take abrasion very well.

The inside cushioning is highly performant, as the shock absorption on the boots is at its best- my feet feel no small rocks or sharp rocks from the trails.

The footbed is anatomically shaped and the boots mold to the feet, providing more comfort.

There is great support coming from the boots, no matter how the trail gets, if you’re climbing or just walking.

Even though the boots are made in Romania (never knew that until I found this detail in my readings!), the finishes are great and the boots appear long lasting.

The Vibram outsole gives a good grip and the traction is amazing also.

I wore these even when heavily backpacked, so the boots are versatile enough. Furthermore, they give me confidence in any hiking challenge.

The lacing system might be the classic one, but it’s efficient, fitting the boots comfortably on the feet.

The list of “pros”:

  • the boots are very comfortable and versatile as I use them when hiking, climbing, all year long
  • the waterproofness and the breathability work great
  • the suede and the nylon upper are long lasting and abrasion resistant
  • the lacing system is classic, but efficient
  • the shock absorption is great
  • the footbed and the inside cushioning are comfortable
  • the boots don’t need a break in period and they gave me no blisters
  • they are strap-on crampons compatible
  • the outsole is grippy on every kind of surface and gives good traction to the boots
  • the boots are reliable and sturdy in many situations
  • the finishes and quality are amazing
  • the boots run true to size
  • the support is unbelievable and I have no tired feet at the end of my hikes
  • the boots can take heavily backpacked hikes

As much as I wanted to find any downsides to these boots, it was a challenge for me to find any. As the boots are highly water repellent, they could maybe use better ventilation. They work fine in the summer, but I don’t take them when it gets hot as my feet don’t breathe anymore. So, there’s only that.

As you can see, a great boot, for a chunk of money, true…  🙂


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