Lowa Women’s Toro Evo GTX Mid Hiking Boot Review

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Experienced hikers know that rugged build and great performance hiking boots are priceless. Give it all in for your hiking with the boots that come with a classic look, but modern technology, for long-lasting performance on all trails.

  • The boots are supportive and well-padded.
  • The outsole is grippy and has great traction.
  • The boots are great on off-trails
  • The boots run a bit narrower than expected.
  • They’re not what you’d call cheap hiking boots.

Just because technology is so rapidly evolving doesn’t mean that we should let tradition disappear so fast. Hikers are some of the best to tell when it comes to how valuable tradition can be, especially when it comes to hiking gear.

The Lowa Women’s Toro Evo GTX Mid Hiking Boots are part of the Toro Evo series, that gives classical footwear a modern vibe. Both new hikers benefit from the reliable hiking boots, along with the mature and long-time experienced hikers.

Who is Lowa?

Lowa is one of the most prestigious and experienced footwear companies that has been created and manufactured superior outdoor footwear since 1923. The company is only three years away from its 100-year celebration, so only high-quality footwear would exist on the market for so long.

Even if the company’s essential principle is “simply more,” the footwear is nothing but simple in terms of features or performance. The company makes shoes and boots for hiking, everyday industries, and outdoor activities, with a complete commitment to quality and fit. Perfect fit, highest quality, and innovation still guide the creation and manufacturing processes, which is why Lowa hiking boots make the ideal addition to your hiking footwear collection on any given day.

Gear geeks, and everyone else will love to see the detailed description. Here it is!

You will know that Lowa Women’s Toro Evo GTX Mid Hiking Boot is hiking boots at a glance, as the footwear rocks a rugged look with stitches and outsole with a durable feel.

The footwear is a new and updated version of the classic shoe within the multifunctional footwear at Lowa. However, you will know that it’s a modern version thanks to the fresh derby cut and attractive details with contrasting colored fabric lining.

But Lowa Women’s Toro Evo GTX Mid Hiking Boot is more than meets the eyes, as less functional features of the classic model were replaced with better parts. The patented low mono wrap frame is excellent for foot control, whereas the straightly injected midsole (made with two TPU elements) will give superior padding on all trails. The structure will create lateral support, which increases stability.

The boots will stay snug to your foot but remain highly flexible and multifunctional. Versatility is one of the best assets, as you can take the shoes when hiking and at work or on any other outdoor experiences.

The boots are made with modern leather so that you may use them for a very long time. The break-in period will be very short, for sure, thanks to the nubuck/split leather. The lining is glove leather and textile in the forefoot, keeping your feet dry and warm all year round. We should also mention that the lining of the boots is Gore-Tex, stopping water from getting inside the shoes while allowing moisture escape.

The midsole is light and thin for superior flexibility and impressive rebound, support underfoot, and stability. These features turn Lowa Women’s Toro Evo GTX Mid Hiking Boot a perfect example of how fitness style mixes perfectly with traditional hiking.

One feature that makes hiking footwear comfortable is an efficient lace-up system. Lowa Women’s Toro Evo GTX Mid Hiking Boot has a traditional lace-up system with webbed and floating eyelets, ensuring both snug fit and foot movement.

Lowa Women’s Toro Evo GTX Mid Hiking Boot features a padded ATC footbed that will provide cushy support throughout the day. The double-injection Dynapu midsole supports the foot without affecting the flexibility, and the ATC medium stabilizer is very useful. The build of the boots keeps the heel in place, reducing the efforts while hiking.

The comfort is improved with the cushioned tongue and collar, protecting the ankle while hiking. The risk of chafing is minor as the padding is breathable and allows sweat escape. The collar and tongue are higher in the front so that your ankle is protected but maintains freedom of movement.

As for the outsole, Lowa Women’s Toro Evo GTX Mid Hiking Boot comes with MultiTrac outsole with triangular lugs for moderate trails and continuous flexibility. It reduces fatigue and rolling gait too. The boots provide excellent grip and traction on various surfaces, but they will impress, especially off-trails.

The boots run true to size and look very professional. The loop on the back eases out the use, whereas the subtle purple accents give the shoes the feminine touch.

Some things we like more, some things, we like less. Which is which?

By now, you may have understood that Lowa Women’s Toro Evo GTX Mid Hiking Boot make a wise buy anytime, as they’re loaded with positive features:

  • They’re made with patented Lowa mono wrap technology
  • The frame gives lateral support and increased stability.
  • The soft leather makes the boots comfortable.
  • The Gore-Tex lining blocks water from all directions (in and out)
  • The boots are supportive and well-padded.
  • The outsole is grippy and gives traction.
  • The boots are flexible
  • They have nicely colored accents.
  • The boots are great on off-trails

We’re not worrying about the downsides, as they’re minor:

  • The boots run a bit narrower than expected.
  • They’re not what you’d call cheap hiking boots.

Should you put these boots on your shopping list?

Some may hesitate to take the plunge with Lowa Women’s Toro Evo GTX Mid Hiking Boot, as the boots aren’t cheap. But if you know that paying the extra buck for boots like Lowa Women’s Toro Evo GTX Mid Hiking Boot means a wise investment of your money, you should get them in a blink of an eye.

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