Best Women’s Hiking Boots (Reviews) for Sensitive Feet

Just because you have tingling feet, neuropathy, fibromas, or plantar fasciitis doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy a nice hike any now and then.

Diabetes is a common health condition causing sensitive feet, but various health issues may lead to feet problems. With hiking being such a strenuous and challenging activity, putting a lot of pressure on our feet, it’s understandable why you have to look for the right pair of boots. Typically waterproof, reliable, and rugged boots will do for hiking, but other features are more important to have in your hiking footwear when your feet are sensitive.

Top Women’s Hiking Boots for Sensitive Feet

1. Keen Women’s Targhee Ii Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

If you don’t have the time and patience to look for a reliable pair of hiking boots for your sensitive feet, you should take the plunge with Keen Women’s Targhee Ii Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot. Not only that, the popularity of the boots speaks volumes, but the shoes are loaded with useful features that ease out hiking when your feet are sensitive.

Keen Womens Targhee Ii Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

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Since the boots are made with 100% leather, they will adjust to your foot’s unique shape with every wear, for best comfort. They come with KeendDry waterproof and breathable membrane, so your feet remain dry and comfortable on rainy and hot days. The metatomical EVA footbed counts for shock absorbency and support, whereas the leather lining is breathable for best comfort.

The boots have the right amount of padding for better comfort and a well-contoured heel for a heel’s secure fit. The ESS shank ensures torsional stability for a safe ride, whereas the mid-cut design provides ankle support. The rubber outsole is grippy and non-marking. Some say that the boots run a tad narrow, but that’s not undermining the boots’ overall value.

2. Danner Women’s Crater Rim 6 Hiking Boot

Frankly, the Danner Women’s Crater Rim 6 Hiking Boot will catch your attention with their classic and elegant appearance, but the boots are a lot more than meets the eye. The shoes are made with 100% leather and nylon and may require break-in. The craftsmanship is impressive, and the boots will take wear for a very long time. It’s a waterproof nubuck leather upper, which works perfectly with breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex lining for dry wear.

Danner Womens Crater Rim 6 Hiking Boot

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The cushioning polyurethane footbed reduces shock and impact, whereas the snug fit through the heel ensures ankle support and stability. The build is thought for comfortable wear as the toe room is wide, for increased support and effortless side-to-side movement. The D-ring hardware and lace-to-toe design give the boots snug and comfortable fit. The Vibram sole is rigid, and the shoes make a great (and big!) Investment for hiking.

3. Hanwag Tatra Light Bunion Lady Gtx Hiking Boot

Hanwag Tatra Light Bunion Lady Gtx Hiking Boot will feel comfortable out of the box as the boots are made with high-quality suede and synthetic material. The footwear comes with reliable Gore-Tex waterproofing, keeping your feet dry on rainy days while maintaining ventilation for eliminating the toasty feel inside the boots.

Hanwag Tatra Light Bunion Lady Gtx Hiking Boot

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The boots have a wider build for the big-toe joint to protect the bunions throughout hiking. The tongue and collar are softly padded for better comfort and support around the ankle. Even if the toe room is generous, the heel cup is well designed for the heel’s snug fit. With heel in place, the ankle support is better, and the risk of pain while hiking is reduced.

The lace-up system allows you to tie the laces as tight/lose you need for the best fit. The Vibram integral light sole is rigid and gives traction, but without adding weight to the boots. Despite the slight clunky appearance, the shoes make a safe choice for women hikers with sensitive feet.

How do you know that the hiking boots will work for your sensitive feet?

People have uniquely shaped feet, so there’s no such thing as boots feeling comfortable the same for all customers. The problem gets even more complicated when you have sensitive feet. No matter how great and cozy boots will sound on paper, you won’t know if they’re good for you unless you put them on.

We need to highlight that some aspects make the boots more comfortable than others, so keep reading for the details.


Different widths are standard in hiking boots, and you mays start selecting by checking how wide/narrow the shoes. The width is also important because it allows you to choose how thick your orthopedic insoles will be.

Upper body

Some materials are softer than others, providing better comfort for sensitive feet. High-quality full-grain leather will conform to your foot’s shape the more you wear the boots, but it’s stiff at first, so break-in period is necessary.

Boots made with nubuck or suede leather and mesh inserts are softer and more comfortable for people with sensitive feet. They may not be as durable as full-grain leather boots, so make sure you know that you value most.


When it comes to sensitive feet, comfort is essential, and it’s microfiber materials that are effective. Not only that, they provide the soft support you need, but they’re also breathable, antiseptic, and easy to wash. Typically, these insoles have no irritating seams and are easy to remove for versatile use.

Shaft design

Several features will make the boots more or less comfortable. Most of these features aren’t visible, and only wearing the shoes will help you see how the shoes work for you.

It’s the same with the boots’ shaft, and a cushioned shaft will protect from high pressure in the ankle area.

Lace-up style

The lace-up system is fundamental for best fit, as you may use it for tying the laces as tight/loose as you need. Some hiking boots come with two-zone lacing, which is ideal for different tensioning of the laces.


The footbed is essential for comfort and shock absorbency. A well-designed footbed should come with enough padding in the forefoot and superior shock absorbency in the heel area. A microfiber cover for the footbed will improve the overall feeling too.

Outer soles

Air-cushions made of TR or PU will make the boots more comfortable. Look for soles that are rigid for stability and traction, yet flexible enough to allow effortless movement while hiking.


Q: Should the hiking boots be waterproof?

A: Waterproof boots are typically more rigid and more massive than non-waterproof boots. You may lose some of the softness and comfort you need for your sensitive feet. On the other hand, if you don’t have waterproof boots (or at least water-resistant), your feet get wet, which causes blistering and aggravates your feet condition.

Remember that you should always aim for boots that are both waterproof and breathable (gore-tex is the most common technology, but there are other methods too). It’s useless to block water from entering the boots if moisture isn’t helped escape from the feet.

Q: Are full-grain leather boots good options?

A: Full-grain leather is the most durable material for boots. It’s also naturally waterproof and has the unique ability to soften with each wear.

Good quality full-grain leather boots may fit like a glove on your sensitive right out of the box so that the break-in period won’t be necessary. However, the risk for hot points and blisters is also present, so you should give it a good thought before buying. Remember that it’s the material causing the blistering and the overall build and design of the boot. For example, a wide heel will cause chaffing and won’t keep the heel secure, which will affect the stability and comfort.

Q: What’s the no. 1 feature of hiking boots good for sensitive feet?

A: It’s difficult to answer because sensitive feet could cause various symptoms in various people. Multiple features (scroll up for a second reading) will make the boots appropriate for your sensitive feet, but it’s a comfort that should count the most when buying.

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