Best Women’s Hiking Boots for Travel

Women who like to travel but look for outdoor experiences when traveling already know that the proper pair of boots can make the difference.

Where and when you’re traveling, what kind of outdoor adventures you intend to have are some of the essential matters to consider when picking your footwear. Nine times out of ten, you will value versatility and go with hiking boots that take both the streets and the hills without compromising the comfort, reliability, and why not, looks.

Top Women’s Hiking Boots for Travel

1. Helly-Hansen Women’s Loke Rambler Ht Backpacking Boot Low Rise Hiking

Helly-Hansen Women’s Loke Rambler Ht Backpacking Boot Low Rise Hiking sure look nice and rock a feminine design, with accents that make them stand out in town and on hills too.

Helly-Hansen Womens Loke Rambler Ht Backpacking Boot Low Rise Hiking

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These are outdoor hybrids boots that come with a demi-cut design for complete flexibility and a waterproof build for complete protection against wet trails when hiking.

The boots are made with high-quality waterproof suede so that they will feel comfortable out of the box. They come with HellyTech performance waterproof membrane that will block water from getting inside and with breathable textile so that moisture doesn’t get trapped inside. The seamless build and protective synthetic leather improve waterproof performance.

Comfort, support, and functional padding are present in the design. The boots include a high-grade EVA performance midsole, EVA performance footbed (easy to remove), and a midfoot TPU stabilizer. You will feel the foot in place and secured no matter if you’re in town or hiking some new hills at your travel destination.

A versatile sole capable of providing reliable grip and traction on various surfaces is mandatory. These boots come with HellyGrip rubber that takes intense wear and features a multi-directional lug system for adequate traction and grip on all trails. Even if the shoes don’t make the best option for the most technical hike, they make a reliable choice for all the other activities you planned for your vacation.

2. Teva Arrowood Venture Mid Wp

If there would be just one word to describe Teva Arrowood Venture Mid Wp, “versatile” would be it. These boots are the updated model of the iconic Teva Arrowood venture, and you can tell that it’s updated due to the better performance and increased versatility.

Teva Arrowood Venture Mid Wp

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The boots are made with an exciting combination of materials. Waterproof leather, closed-performance mesh, and waterproof bootie were used, resulting in complete protection against water and elements. The feet remain dry, but the fit is soft and comfortable, as all materials are soft and comfy right from the start. The waterproof membrane will block any wet elements, whereas the mesh lining inside is lightweight and breathable for a cool feel throughout the day.

The EVA foam footbed padding creates padded support for all-day comfort, and the float-lite midsole is both long-lasting and lightweight. The rubber outsole pods help with traction, so the boots are dependable and grippy when shopping and hiking too. The size is a bit off, but the shoes stand as a very comfortable, lightweight, versatile, and cute looking option for your travels.

3. Zamberlan Marie Gtx Backpacking Boot

We all mean different things when we think about travel. If traveling for you means a lot of backpacking and hiking on the most rugged and challenging trails, you should pack two pairs of hiking boots. Zamberlan Marie Gtx Backpacking Boot could very well be the no.1 choice for most of your traveling, especially if you’re going to backpack most of the time.

Zamberlan Marie Gtx Backpacking Boot

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The boots will take a long time use and many travels as they’re made with full-grain leather. Not only that, it’s a soft leather that conforms to the unique shape of your feet with each wear, but it’s also naturally waterproof and waxed for fantastic performance and looks. The leather has HydoBloc treatment so that no wet elements will get inside the boots.

But the waterproof build doesn’t sacrifice breathability, and that’s because the boots are made with Gore-Tex performance comfort membrane. The famous technology stops water from entering the shoes while helping moisture escape from the boots.

As for feature for shock absorbency, support, and stability, we have to highlight the cushioned insole and the dual-density PU midsole for effective shock absorption. The padded tongue and collar keep the ankle softly supported, whereas the well-designed heel cup secures the heel in place for stability and extra ankle support. The toe room is spacious so that your toes don’t get cramped, but it’s also reinforced for protection against rocks, roots, and stone bruising.

As for traction and grip, we should note that the boots come with long-lasting Vibram lite wolf outsoles. The excellent craftsmanship and durability turn the shoes into one of the best acquisition you could make for your travels, especially if you’re backpacking.

How should your hiking boots be for travel?

In a nutshell, your boots should match the conditions, weather, and type of activities you’re planning to have while traveling. Comfort makes the most superior quality to look for in your hiking boots, but you should consider some other aspects as well:


If you’re traveling and plan to engage in various activities, whether they’re in town or outdoors, versatility is fundamental for the hiking boots. But for boots to be versatile, some qualities are necessary:


You want your boots to be lightweight enough to take the city and rugged sufficient for hikes the next day. It means that full-grain leather boots may feel too heavy in the town, whereas all mesh boots may not take the challenging trails.

It’s wiser to go with boots made with suede/nubuck leather and mesh inserts, as they’re tough enough for hikes but lightweight enough to take in stores.


The soles should be non-slip and all-terrain, providing grip and traction on all surfaces. It doesn’t make sense to get great boots on cement if you know that you will hike on rocky and slippery trails later in the day.


Low-cut boots are typically lightweight, but they won’t be able to provide the ankle support you need when traveling.

Mid-cut and even high-cut boots will offer the ankle support you need on most various trails while ensuring the flexibility you need for different activities. You may want to ride the bike or hike with the same boots, so look for the supportive and flexible models.


Comfort is a personal matter, and what feels comfy for you may not feel the same for another person. Wearing the wrong pair of boots can also feel uncomfortable, so you should pick the shoes wisely.

When traveling, no matter where and when you’re going, you should aim for arch and ankle support, padded insoles and EVA midsole for shock absorbency, contoured heel cup, and padded tongue and collar for ankle support.

Spacious toe room will provide comfort for the toes; your feet are swollen throughout the day, so a larger toe room is preferable no matter if you’re hiking or not.

The lace-up design is skipped a lot, but it can make the difference for your comfort. Some boots come with two-zone lacing so that you may get different tensions for different areas of your foot. Speed hooks and d-rings are also details that help you get the best fit for your boots throughout the day.


Q: Should the hiking boots be waterproof?

A: If you know that it’s going to rain or don’t know how your trails will be for the day, it’s always wise to get waterproof hiking boots. Look for both waterproof and breathable models so that water doesn’t get inside and moisture escapes. Sweaty feet are just as uncomfortable as wet feet from stepping into a puddle.

Keep in mind that waterproof boots are typically heavier than non-waterproof opponents and also more expensive.

Q: Can you rely on hiking shoes?

A: If you’re not planning many outdoor activities or intense hiking, hiking shoes and even trail running shoes are the right choices when traveling. They don’t provide good ankle support and lack durability, so that they may break in the middle of your vacation.

Q: Should you save the new hiking boots for your travel?

A: Not. No matter if your hiking boots are made with full-grain leather or not (full-grain gets softer in time), you should always break in the new boots before traveling or hiking. The shoes may feel comfortable in the house, but they will feel very different when hiking or walking on various surfaces, causing blistering or hot points. The last thing you want when traveling is having to stay at a hotel because of the nasty blisters.

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