Best Women’s Hiking Boots for Long Hikes

If you have the skills and legs for long hikes, you should be prepared for the strenuous activity. Even if your trails aren’t tricky, hiking puts a lot of pressure on your feet, so you need comfortable hiking boots.

Comfort comes from many features, and when you plan a long hike, you will have to have ankle and arch support, stability, and the proper amount of padding. Breathability shouldn’t be a problem for your boots, which will have to be durable and tough without compromising comfort and support.

Top Women’s Hiking Boots for Long Hikes

1. Danner Women’s Adrika Hiker 5″ Waterproof Hiking Boot

Danner Women’s Adrika Hiker 5″ Waterproof Hiking Boot has a durable look, and they’re just as tough and comfortable as they appear.

Danner Womens Adrika Hiker 5 Waterproof Hiking Boot

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The boots are made with 100% suede nubuck leather and nylon upper, feeling comfortable right out of the box. It’s waterproof suede on the upper body so that no wet elements will get inside the boots. Moreover, the footwear comes with Danner dry waterproof membrane providing dry wear at all times. These versatile and highly functional boots are both rugged and athletic, so your long hikes don’t strain your feet too much.

The boots are built with women’s foot shape in mind, and the lower profile will give the flexibility you need for all-day comfort. The three-layer build of the Ortholite footbed (easy to remove) ensures the padding and support you need throughout long hikes. The Danner Plyolite rubberized EVA midsole will improve support, whereas the effective lace-up system with soft tongue and collar protect the ankle.

The outsole is tough and reliable for all sorts of trails, while the multi-direction lugs will give grip on both wet and dry tracks. Even if the boots may be squeaky out of the box, they will make a comfortable, reliable, supportive, and versatile choice for your long hikes anytime.

2. Oboz Women’s Sapphire Mid B-Dry Waterproof Hiking Boot

When you plan long hikes, you don’t know what’s out there, so tough boots dependable for light and technical hikes make a better option. The Oboz Women’s Sapphire Mid B-Dry Waterproof Hiking Bootcomes with the features you need for technical hikes but aren’t too heavy for the light trails throughout your long hikes.

Oboz Womens Sapphire Mid B-Dry Waterproof Hiking Boot

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The boots draw attention with the pretty looks, but they come with features that make them tough and durable. The shoes are made with waterproof nubuck leather that will get softer the more your wear the boots. Oboz uses its proprietary waterproof technology, and these boots come with b-dry technology, which blocks water, but lest moisture escape.

The asymmetrical collar supports the ankle, while the O-Fit insole will ensure the proper amount of padding you need for your long hikes. As comfort and support are fundamental when hiking for hours, we should also highlight the high-density EVA contoured arch for arch support, the EVA deep heel cup for secure heel fit, and the EVA pods counting for rebound and shock absorbency. The swift current midsole will also reduce impact from hiking and absorb shock, while the padded EVA midsole with TPU chassis and ESS plate in the forefoot will give the support and flexibility you need when hiking.

Last but not least, the boots come with SwiftCurrent outsole with deep lugs for grip and traction on all surfaces. It would help if you broke in the shoes before your long hikes so that you enjoy the cute and tough boots to their fullest.

3. Vasque Women’s Breeze Lt Low Gtx Gore-Tex Waterproof Breathable Hiking Shoes

Women hikers looking for boots for long hikes in the summer can take the leap of faith with the Vasque Women’s Breeze Lt Low Gtx Gore-Tex Waterproof Breathable Hiking Shoes. The boots are great for long hikes in hot weather as they’re highly breathable, supportive, and durable.

Vasque Womens Breeze Lt Low Gtx Gore-Tex Waterproof Breathable Hiking Shoes

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The boots are made with synthetic microfiber and mesh (abrasion-resistant), making them breathable, rugged, and lightweight simultaneously. A lite Gore-Tex membrane will stop wet elements from getting inside the boots while pushing sweat to escape.

Comfort isn’t skipped, and the boots come with EnduraLast EVA midsole (it’s dual-density compression-molded) for adequate shock absorbency and soft support. The cushioned collar and tongue keep the ankle softly protected, whereas the lace-up system gives a secure fit for the foot. Traction and grip are also special thanks to the Vibram MegaGrip outsole. It’s dependable and grippy on various trails so that you may enjoy your hikes safely throughout the day. Double-check the sizing when buying as the boots run a tad small.

What makes hiking boots proper for long hikes?

Even if where and when you will hike for many hours counts a lot for the hiking boots you’ll need, some features will be essential for footwear for long hikes.


Not only that, comfort is the result of many things, but it’s also a personal matter. What feels comfortable for you may feel incredibly uncomfortable for another person.

When you plan to hike for many hours, you will need to check both the obvious and less obvious features in your hiking boots.

Material is the first to check, with suede and nubuck leather as the softest materials used in hiking boots. Full-grain leather will conform to the shape of your feet in time, so you shouldn’t skip it either. Mesh and tear-resistant nylon make great choices for summer hiking boots, as they’re lightweight and highly breathable. From the lace-up system to the rigid sole that isn’t as flexible as you wish, anything about your hiking boot could affect the comfort.

A complete toe box will give your toes the comfort they need while descending, whereas a rubberized toe cap will protect the toes against the stone bruising.

Features for support and stability

If you have ankle and arch support, you will feel comfortable, especially if you’re hiking for many hours. If the heel cup is contoured and keeps the heel secure, your heel will stay in place and support the ankle for better comfort throughout your hike.

Stability shank, EVA midsole, padded underfoot, and insoles count for the shock absorbency and weight distribution, providing the support you need. When you hike for hours, the hiking boots should have enough padding for lesser impact from rocks and tracks but sturdy and rigid enough to give support for your feet and ankles.

The lace-up system can make a difference when hiking. The more you walk, the higher the risk for your feet too swollen, so you need a lace-up design that allows the boots’ effortless and practical fit. Systems with d-rings and speed hooks will let you adjust the lacing throughout your long hike for the best comfort and fit.


Unless you know precisely how your hikes will be, it’s always wise to look for hiking boots with rigid yet flexible soles. Anti-slip soles are the most versatile as they will provide traction and grip on wet, dry, rocky, and slippery trails.

Multi-directional and self-cleaning lugs are also desirable for the soles, as they will help your boots bite the terrain, no matter how it is.


Many aspects will impact the final weight of your hiking boots. Full-grain leather, waterproof materials, rigid soles will make the shoes heavier, so you should give it a good thought before heading to the store.

Full-grain leather is heavy, but it will provide the waterproof and comfortable wear you need, for example. Anyway, you should find lightweight hiking boots without compromising support, comfort, or durability. The last thing you want is to have your shoes break right before you finish your hike.


Q: Should you get hiking shoes for long hikes?

A: The type of trails you’ll meet and the weather conditions will affect your final decision. Hiking shoes, trail running shoes make lighter options than hiking boots, but they won’t provide the ankle support you will need throughout the day.

Even if the hiking shoes are waterproof, the low cut design won’t block the water from getting inside when stepping into a puddle of water.

Q: Are full-grain leather boots a safe choice for long hikes?

A: If you’ve been wearing your full-grain leather boots, it means that they’re already conformed to the unique shape of your feet, therefore incredibly comfortable. As long as it’s high-quality leather is lightweight and breathable, it would help if you didn’t avoid putting on some full-grain leather boots on long hikes.

Q: Should the boots be waterproof or not?

A: If your trails will be wet and rain will occur throughout the day, you should get the waterproof boots. But don’t buy waterproof boots that lack ventilation, as your feet will get toasty, which is the easiest way to get blisters.

When your trails won’t be wet, and you’re 100% sure that it’s not going to rain, water-resistant boots and even non-waterproof boots will work too. It’s better to hike light and breathable than heavy and damp.

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