Best Vegan Women’s Hiking Boots

Conserving the environment and following ethical standards is slowly becoming the norm for producing outdoor equipment. More and more hikers and outdoor enthusiasts are less interested in rugged leather products and choose the vegan models instead.

Vegan hiking boots are made 100% without any animal products and are just as durable (if not more durable) and comfortable as the leather models. Moreover, some of the vegan hiking boots are made with recycled materials, making them even more valuable for the environmentalist hikers.

Top Vegan Hiking Boots for Women

1. Salomon Women’s X Ultra 3 Mid Gtx W Hiking Boots

Salomon Women’s X Ultra 3 Mid Gtx W Hiking Boots are made 100% with synthetic materials but manage to impress the features and performance on most tracks. The boots are made with women’s anatomy to mind, holding the foot in place throughout most difficult descents and reducing slippage risk.

Salomon Womens X Ultra 3 Mid Gtx W Hiking Boots

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The asymmetrical chassis is made to perfect women’s feet, providing stability and padding they need while hiking. Two various kinds of rubber are used on the sole, which gives a sturdy grip, whereas the particular patterned heel zone bites the trails aggressively.

The SensiFit foothold snugs the foot from the midsole to the lacing, whereas a molded Ortholite sock liner counts for shock absorbency and comfort. The upgraded chassis between the outsole and midsole controls motion and energy and comfort, and stability. The EnergyCell midsole is made with performant EVA foam for better shock absorbency and effortless hiking.

The padded collar and tongue support the ankle, and the lace-up system is useful for a snug fit. Even if some expected the sole to be thicker, the boots are a great vegan option to include in your shopping list.

2. La Sportiva Stream Gtx Women’s Hiking Shoe

Days when you only had the option of heavy, rugged leather boots are long gone. La Sportiva Stream Gtx Women’s Hiking Shoe makes a great example of how far technology has come, as they’re lightweight, rugged, and vegan altogether.

La Sportiva Stream Gtx Womens Hiking Shoe

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Not only that, the boots are vegan, but they’re made with a long-lasting mesh upper resistant to abrasion. It will protect the foot against roots, rocks, and elements, whereas a Nano cell, 2.0 structure, will provide superior breathability. The technology works with Gore-Tex surround aeration channels within the midsole and footbed for dry wear at all times.

The STB control system includes the Gore-Tex surround breathability outlets while ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. The tongue and collar are padded for soft support of the ankle, and the lace-up system provides a snug fit for the boots. The heel stays in place, and the shoes feel comfortable every step of the way.

The PU Techlite toe and heel make the boots more durable, whereas the compression-molded EVA midsole with TPU inserts creates soft support and absorbs shocks efficiently.

Traction and grip are also excellent thanks to the Vibram XS trek with impact brake system sole and the patterned tip biting aggressively every terrain. The boots feel comfortable right out of the box, so the break-in period isn’t necessary. The looks could use more feminine details, but the shoes look nice and are dependable for many hikes.

3. Keen Women’s Terradora 2, Waterproof Mid Height Hiking Boot

If you’re looking for dependable boots for your summer hikes, the Keen Women’s Terradora 2, Waterproof Mid Height Hiking Boot should be on your shopping list.

Keen Womens Terradora 2, Waterproof Mid Height Hiking Boot

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The boots are made with synthetic materials and especially to fit the women’s feet. The keen dry waterproof membrane will block the water from getting inside the shoes, while moisture is encouraged to escape from the feet. The upper body is lightweight and breathable, which recommends the boots for summer use. Moreover, the shoes are made with natural, probiotic-based, and pesticide-free technology (eco anti-odor) that breaks down odor from sweat, which is essential for summer hiking.

The keen KonnectFit heel-capture system will create a snug for the boots, so wear is always comfortable. The dual-density EVA footbed will absorb shock and provide soft support, and the stability shank will improve that support you need for hiking.

Traction and grip are always significant as the boots come with an all-terrain rubber outsole, helping you move forward on most trails. The 4mm deep lugs will bite the terrain aggressively, improving stability on both dry and wet tracks. Even if manufacturing could be better (hikers reported seams rubbing in the toe area), the boots are always a dependable choice for your summer hikes.

How should you choose your vegan hiking boots?

It’s common for some brands to use “leather-free” labels for their products, helping you to know when the product is animal and environment friendly. Faux leather is becoming a common material for hiking boots, replacing natural leather. You still have numerous options to choose from, so pay attention to several aspects when making a decision:


It’s easy to see if the boots are made with leather or not, but you have to make sure that all the other materials used for the shoes are also vegan.

Check the midsole, the insole, and the outsole to see if they’re also vegan. Mesh, synthetic leather, or abrasion-resistant nylon make common materials for vegan boots. They’re durable and feel comfortable right from the beginning, without requiring a break-in period.

EVA midsole, foam padding are used for the boots’ inside and count for support and comfort.

Waterproof & breathability

Only full-grain leather is naturally waterproof, so waterproof technology is used for vegan boots.  Gore-Tex is the most popular method for waterproofing the shoes, as it’s efficient for blocking water from entering the shoes while maintaining breathability inside the boots. Sweat can also get your feet wet, which is why the shoes must also be breathable.

Some manufacturers (keen is one) have their proprietary technologies for waterproofing the boots, which are just as effective as Gore-Tex.

Grip, traction, stability

It’s widespread that man-made materials are used for providing stability inside the boots and traction on trails. The structure and build give stability inside, with EVA midsole, stability shank, or contoured heel cup as main features for stability inside the boots. Padded collar and tongue will support the ankle, whereas effective lace-up style (metal speed lacing and d-rings are great for hiking) will give a snug fit. Any of these features are vegan nine times out of ten.

When hiking, a rigid rubber sole that takes intense hiking without sacrificing flexibility is ideal. Vibram sole is the most common sole for hiking boots, and it’s vegan.


Ideally, it would help if you always tried on the boots to see how they’re fitting. No matter how great a pair of hiking boots look in the picture, you should still put it on to see if there’s any rubbing or areas that feel uncomfortable.

Poor-fitting is the most common mistake when selecting hiking boots, as people don’t know how hiking boots should fit. Always bring your hiking socks when trying on boots and do it in the evening, when your feet are swollen.


Q: Should you get vegan hiking boots?

A: Vegan hiking boots have a positive impact and are worth the money, most of the time. Not only that, you will do something nice for animals out there, but you will also do it for the environment as the manufacturing processes for vegan boots give to minor pollution. The carbon footprint of vegan boots is relatively little.

Q: Are vegan hiking boots as durable as leather boots?

A: Even if full-grain leather is considered the most durable material on the market, several aspects will affect the boot’s durability. How you wear the shoes and take care of them will impact the life span; it’s well known that full-grain leather needs scuffing, cleaning, and proper maintenance.

The technology has developed a lot in the last couple of years, and vegan boots are made with less stitching and more durable materials. All things considered, many vegan hiking boots can last you a lifetime if proper care and maintenance and care are provided.

Q: Are leather-free hiking boots always vegan?

A: It’s possible that even if the boots are leather-free, they may not also be vegan, as they’re made with glue, which isn’t vegan-friendly. It’s yet another reason for which you should always check the labeling very carefully. It may not be evident that your leather-free boots are also vegan. Sole or dye of the shoes can still contain animal products, rendering the shoes not vegan anymore.

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