Best Mid-Cut Women’s Hiking Boots

There are many ways to hike and even more places to hike than you could ever imagine. As a matter of fact, the variety of ways and places you can do and see while hiking is probably the no.1 thing attracting hikers.

But hiking isn’t just about packing some protein bars and getting your backpack. It’s also about getting the proper equipment and learning how to hike better so that the strain on your body is significantly reduced. You will know soon enough that you have to wear the proper hiking boots for the best experience.

Mid-cut hiking boots will make an excellent option for your day hikes or light backpacking. One thing you cannot complain about is the number or the diversity of models to choose from. Unless you’re an experienced hiker, some recommendations and a buying guide will be needed when selecting your mid-cut hiking boots.

Top Mid-Cut Hiking Boots for Women

1. Danner Women’s 30800 Mountain Light Ii 5″ Gore-Tex Hiking Boot

Should you look for long-lasting hiking boots with a classic appearance, the Danner Women’s 30800 Mountain Light Ii 5″ Gore-Tex Hiking Boot makes a great choice.

Danner Womens 30800 Mountain Light Ii 5 Gore-Tex Hiking Boot

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The mid-cut boots are made with 100% full-grain leather and will adjust to the unique shape of your foot the more you wear them. The leather is rugged yet flexible to provide comfortable wear. It’s one-piece leather upper that takes intense wear, water, and elements for a long time.

As the boots are made with Gore-Tex lining, they’re both waterproof and breathable. Therefore, water won’t get inside the shoes, but moisture will be encouraged to escape from the feet. The boots’ design makes them extremely comfortable, with the Danner Airthotic heel cradle and arch support as great features.

The metal hardware and the classic lace-to-toe system are durable and allow a snug fit of the boots, whereas the collar and the tongue softly support the ankle. Traction and grip are solved with the Vibram 148kletterlift outsole. It will provide adequate traction on all terrains while working for shock absorbency too.

Craftsmanship is impressive, and the prestigious Danner stitch down ensures a broader platform for stability while also aesthetically pleasing. Even if some reported issues with the tongue, the mid-cut boots are a significant investment to make for decades to come.

2. Asolo Women’s Falcon GV Hiking Boot

When you look for mid-height hiking boots, Asolo Women’s Falcon GV Hiking Boot will stand out on shelves. The boots rock a grey colored body with blue accents on the sides and heel and bright orange accents. These are boots that catch your attention, but they’re a lot more than meets the eye.

Asolo Womens Falcon GV Hiking Boot

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Just because they’re great-looking doesn’t mean that the boots aren’t as any rugged-looking boots. The shoes’ upper body is made with water-resistance suede leather for durability and comfy wear right from the start; the nylon panels are high-tenacity and abrasion-resistant, sustaining adequate ventilation inside the boots. The footwear is made with Gore-Tex extended comfort footwear technology for waterproof wear. The membrane will block water, no matter where it’s coming from.

The non-insulated safeguard makes the boots a dependable choice for moderate to warm hikes. The plush collar and tongue sustain the ankle, and the heel pull loop eases out the use. The TPU toe cap will protect the toes against the elements and reduce the risk of stone bruising. The Lite2 Plus insole will provide light support and great comfort for the underfoot, while the molded EVA midsole will ensure padding throughout your day hike.

The boots come with radiant sole, made for trekking, but the shoes are reliable on any trail. The rubber outsole comes with aggressive heel cleats and an Asolo brake system for superior grip and protection on uneven tracks and improved pronation control. If you like the classic and subtle looks on boots, these boots aren’t your best choice. But otherwise, we see no reason for not taking the plunge with Asolo Falcon.

3. Salomon Women’s X Ultra Mid 3 Aero W Hiking

Salomon Women’s X Ultra Mid 3 Aero W Hiking comes with all the features and performance you will need for versatile hiking in the summer. The mid-height boots provide you the confidence you need for technical tracks and the support for descendings.

Salomon Womens X Ultra Mid 3 Aero W Hiking

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The boots are made with descent control technology, which makes them reliable for technical tracks, but impressive throughout tricky descents.  Comfort won’t be an issue as the boots feature a reinforced top with SensiFit, snugging the foot comfortably, especially while descending. The asymmetrical chassis is made to match the woman’s anatomy for better stability and padding while reducing tiredness on rugged trails.

The padded tongue and collar are softly padded for gentle ankle support, whereas the toe area is reinforced for toe protection against rocks, roots, and stone bruising. The lace-up system is useful, and the textile used for the lining and inlay sole feels soft. The upper body is made with leather and fabric for comfortable wear right out of the box.

The rubber sole is rigid and allows flexibility while hiking. It’s made with two different kinds of rubber for superior grip. The heel area is patterned for aggressive grabbing of the tracks, and the tip of the boots is rubberized for the same reason. Even if the shoes aren’t waterproof, they still stand out as a lightweight, rugged, and excellent summer hiking option with lots of descents.

How should you choose your mid-height hiking boots?

As mid-height hiking boots truly shine on day hikes and light backpacking, you need them to be lightweight yet rugged and comfortable. Some features will give these qualities, so you should pay attention to the following aspects when buying.


Several materials can be used on mid hiking boots, with full-grain leather as the most durable choice. Full-grain leather is tough, naturally resistant to water and elements, and able to conform to the shape of your foot in time. It’s also not breathable and more massive than other materials, so you should pay attention if you want very light boots. Also, you should check the wallet first as full-grain boots make the most expensive type of boots.

Suede, nubuck leather is also a common material, as it’s soft, comfortable, and durable. Even if it doesn’t present the same toughness or durability as full-grain leather, it’s widely used for mid-height boots as it’s lightweight and comfortable.

Synthetic materials, mesh, and tear-resistant nylon are common materials for mid-cut hiking boots, especially for summer use.

All things considered, many models are made with suede/nubuck leather and mesh inserts, as they’re lightweight, comfortable, and tough enough to take the problematic tracks.

Waterproof & breathable

In theory, you only need waterproof boots if you hike in wet areas with lots of wet trails and rain. However, you never know how your tracks will be or how the weather will take for a turn, which is why waterproof boots make a wise choice.

Waterproof boots are more massive than non-waterproof models, so decide which aspects count more. Either way, look for boots that are also breathable, that doesn’t trap moisture and allow it to escape away from your feet.

Support, traction, and grip

When it comes to supporting and comfort, you won’t tell just by looking at the boots. These features aren’t noticeable, and you have to pay attention to details most of the time.

The contoured heel will keep the heel in place for stability, whereas the EVA midsole will give the soft support and shock absorbency you need on most tracks. Expansive toe room and rubberized toe cap will protect the toes, whereas soft collar and tongue will support the ankle.

A lace-up system with metal speed-lacing and d-rings will give you a snug fit, whereas rubber sole with multi-traction lugs will provide the grip and traction required for various tracks.


Q: When should you buy mid-height hiking boots?

A: If you’re planning a day hike or if you’re light backpacking, the mid-cut hiking boots make the best choice nine times out of ten. They’re lightweight yet comfortable and able to provide the ankle support you need for the day.

Q: Apart from ankle support, do mid-cut hiking boots provide other benefits?

A: Mid-height hiking boots will also protect better against small rocks, debris, and anything else that could get inside while you’re hiking. Also, if you step into some puddles and the boots are waterproof, the chances for your feet to get wet are significantly reduced.

Q: Can you take on challenging tracks with mid hiking boots?

A: As long as the boots come with the right features (all-terrain sole, aggressive grip, and rigid upper body), you will be able to take the less-traveled paths with the mid-height hiking boots. Versatility is one of the main qualities of mid-cut hiking boots.

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