Best Looking/Cutest Women’s Hiking Boots (Reviews)

Dedicated hikers know that the last thing to check on your hiking boots is their looks. However, footwear manufacturers don’t skip aesthetics, so women hikers can choose from a great variety of styles without sacrificing comfort, ruggedness, or comfort.

Just like with comfort, pretty looks are an entirely personal matter. What we find merely adorable and cute may not ring a bell at all to somebody else. Therefore, when it comes to the best-looking women hiking boots, we’ve tried to cover various styles. From the classic looks to modern and youthful boots, there is something out there to please every taste type. You need to decide without forgetting that looks are worthless if your feet are wet and sore when you’re far from home.

Top Best Looking/Cutest Women’s Hiking Boots

1. Zamberlan Frida Gtx Hiking Boot

Some manufacturers already know how to make great looking boots while providing unique build, performance, and ruggedness. It’s the case of Zamberlan, and the Zamberlan Frida Gtx Hiking Bootis one of the latest models that impress with both the looks and the performance for hiking.

Zamberlan Frida Gtx Hiking Boot 

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The boots have an elegant and timeless appearance with a light brown suede leather upper and light cream colored laces. The metal hardware on the lacing system makes a lovely contrast with the laces and the upper body but ensures the lacing’s durability. The light cream color is also found on the back part of the collar, and subtle cream accents on the outsole complete the boots’ subtle and highly elegant appearance.  All the other details are very subtle (the Italian flag on the outside, the Zamberlan name on the top of the tongue, or Vibram on the outsole), and the black colored sole gives the rigid feel you’d need in hiking boots.

We have to highlight that no features are skipped for the lovely appearance, and the boots are rugged and tough, just like rugged-looking boots. The leather is soft and doesn’t require break-in, whereas the Gore-Tex performance comfort membrane ensures dry feet all the time. The HydroBloc suede uppers block water too.

Soft and breathable ankle support, EVA wedge, 3mm memory foam on the footbed, and contoured heel give the support, comfort, and stability you need when hiking. The bi-density Vibram bacon outsole provides impressive grip and traction, and the boots are worth every single penny (have you checked your wallet?)

2. La Sportiva Pyramid Gtx Women’s Hiking Shoe

If beautiful looks for you refer to modern profile with the aggressive vibe, the La Sportiva Pyramid Gtx Women’s Hiking Shoe is what you’ve been missing from your collection of hiking boots.

La Sportiva Pyramid Gtx Womens Hiking Shoe

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These boots stand out with their looks, which are rugged with aggressive soles and a futuristic vibe with numerous accents on the side. The squared accents on the upper body match the modern-looking outsole, whereas the dark pink details on the top metal holes and the bottom sole in the back tell you that these are feminine boots. The brown leather upper is combined with black outsole and light grey laces and inserts, whereas the pink details make a subtle and so pretty contrast will everything.

Don’t doubt the performance and ruggedness of the boots for not one second. The nubuck leather is breathable and abrasion-resistant but soft and comfortable right out of the box. The PU Techlite toe and heel counters will secure the heel and comfort the toes throughout descending.

The 5mm Ortholite insole creates cushioned comfort and support, working efficiently with the EVA midsole (compression-molded) for superior support and shock absorbency. The TPU inserts will add more padding for comfort.

Nano cell 2.0 structure was used for the boots for superior ventilation, whereas the Gore-Tex surround aeration channels throughout the footbed and midsole increase comfort and breathability.

The Vibram XS Trek outsole has an impact brake system for a fantastic grip and traction on both dry and wet tracks. Great for medium-duty hikes, the boots are perfect for the adventurous hikers who love the modern and aggressive looks on their shoes.

Even if hiking is a serious matter, some hikers see it as a fun and playful activity. It doesn’t mean that they’re not just as serious as other hikers. It only means that they see hiking as a fun and relaxing activity, rather than a complicated one.

3. Topo Athletic Trailventure Women’s Mid-Height Hiking Boot

Topo Athletic Trailventure Women’s Mid-Height Hiking Boot is boots that pop on any shelf, as they have bright colors with a fun twist to the looks. The bright pink upper body makes a fun and youthful contrast with the black soles, collar, laces, and tongue. As the appearance is anything but dull, the boots come with bright yellow accents on the tongue (the Topo name on the top of the tongue), lace holes (the first three rows), and a large yellow insert back the bottom soles. The “Trailventure” name on the upper body’s side is also yellow, but it’s thin writing for a smoother look.

Topo Athletic Trailventure Women’s Mid-Height Hiking Boot

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Just like with all the other options, Topo Athletic Trailventure boots don’t disappoint in terms of performance, features, and reliability for most tracks. They come with a Vibram XS Trek Evo outsole for grip and traction on rocky and rugged trails. The rear-foot rock plate will provide excellent protection on most strenuous hikes, whereas the medial side drainage ports in the mesh upper (it’s ripstop) will speed up water release.

The midsoles are cushioned and have a 5mm heel-to-toe drop for superior foot and natural movement. The Ortholite footbed and anatomical toe box ensure comfort for the toes, and the lace-lock system helps you tie the laces as tight or loose as you need. The seam-reducing construction lowers the risk of blistering but also improves the aesthetic of the footwear. The brightly colored contrast may throw some people off, but the boots genuinely make an excellent speed and thru-hiking choice.

What’s the best way to choose cute hiking boots?

Looks shouldn’t be the main criterion to use when picking your hiking boots, as many other aspects make the hiking boots reliable for your outdoor adventures.

We all have different opinions on what pretty means, but general aspects and features increase the aesthetics and value for hiking boots.


Full-grain leather isn’t just the most durable and resistant to abrasion material used on hiking boots, but also the most beautiful. Some things are timeless, and full-grain leather is one to name. It’s naturally waterproof, adjusts to your foot’s shape with each wear, and takes the intense use for a long time. It’s also the most expensive materials, so you should check your wallet if you plan to buy full-grain leather boots.

Suede, nubuck leather also looks very pretty in hiking boots, and its soft feel smooths out even the most rugged hiking boots.

If cute boots mean for your modern boots, boots made with mesh and tear-resistant nylon are the right choice with new materials. However, these boots will most likely not have the elegant feel that only full-grain leather boots have.

Overall build and profile

Hiking boots made according to the women’s anatomy, with a narrow profile and slim appearance, tend to be more appealing than wider boots.

Even if the boots are narrow, you shouldn’t sacrifice the comfort for the toes. Great hiking boots are made with a spacious toe room (and reinforced on top) for your toes’ best fit, without leading to a bulky feel. Spacious toe room works best with a snug fit for the heel, with a contoured heel cup for the heel’s best security (it’s necessary for the support and stability).

Metal hooks and hardware, subtle colored accents will make the boots more attractive. Black soles are very common, as they’re more resistant to wear and have the durability feel you need for hiking.

The laces should fit perfectly the upper body and the hardware, noting that woven laces are more durable than other laces.

Instead of conclusion

Always use the boots’ aesthetics as the last criteria and not as an essential factor when picking your hiking boots. You don’t want to learn the hard way that waterproofness, rugged sole, traction, or comfort are the primary qualities to have in hiking boots.

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