Best Columbia Women’s Hiking Boots (Reviews)

Columbia Sportswear is one of the most popular companies amongst outdoor enthusiasts. Even if the company didn’t start as other reputed footwear companies (it was a hat distribution company first), it has a long history in the business, which explains the valuable and affordable products.

No matter if you’re hiking, skiing, camping, your gear includes at least one piece from Columbia. The variety, reliability, and great value for the money are some of Columbia products’ many attributes that attract outdoor frenzies from all over the world.

Top Columbia Women’s Hiking Boots

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped Hiking Boot is the most popular model of hiking boots from Columbia.

The boots are made with suede and full-grain leather, and they will fit like a glove right out of the box. The shoes are waterproof and breathable, taking wear in all weather conditions. They have a wide fit, which provides a roomy space for the toes.

It’s a lightweight and durable midsole for the boots, with the right amount of padding for comfortable hiking and good energy return. The nylon stability shank improves stability inside the shoes, whereas the padded collar and tongue create soft support for the ankle.

The Omni-Grip non-marking rubber outsole gives grip and traction on most trails, rocky and rugged too. The dual-zone winter tread pattern provides traction in the snow, with low risk for slippage. Some will find the boots too wide for their feet, but they stand out with the excellent value for the money and a long list of positive features.

If there would be a beauty contest for Columbia boots, the Columbia Women’s 100mw Mid Outdry Hiking Shoe would most likely win it.

The boots have a rugged feel and accents that smooth out the appearance for most feminine profile and looks. They’re made with beautiful full-grain leather and TPU mesh upper, making them fit like a glove right out of the box.

Waterproof and breathable boxes are also ticked as the boots are made with Outdry technology, so water doesn’t get inside, whereas moisture is helped to escape. The high tongue will also stop the elements from getting inside, but it’s also softly padded for ankle support.

Toughness is another quality of the boots, and the metal hardware and eyelets recommend the shoes for long time wear. The laces are rugged and don’t become untied while hiking. Traction and grip match the robust upper body of the boots. It’s a rigid Vibram outsole with multi-directional and self-cleaning lugs for better grip and traction on all surfaces. Some will want to switch to other insoles, but the boots remain one of the prettiest and reliable choices for challenging hikes.

Hikers looking for Columbia hiking shoes without carrying too much for the appearance may give it a try with Columbia Women’s Wayfinder Outdry Hiking Shoe.

The shoes are made for the intense hikes, and the upper body made with closed mesh and synthetic overlays are just the first feature recommending them for strenuous hikes. The heel and toe cap have synthetic screen print for improved protection in the heel and toes, whereas the seamless construction smooths out the looks and increases the durability. The classical lace-up design helps you get a snug fit, and the low-cut style ensures superior flexibility while keeping support.

The collar and tongue are softly cushioned for comfort around the ankle.

The shoes are also made with OutDry technology for waterproofness and breathability. Your feet will stay dry as water won’t get inside, but the sweat won’t build up. The footbed is softy cushioned and works with Techlite midsole for good shock absorbency, protection from impact, and increased energy return.

The OmniGrip rubber outsole reduces the risk of slippage and provides grip and traction on all trails. Even if the looks aren’t something to notice, the shoes make a lightweight, dependable, and suitable option for most various hikes.

If you’re planning some long-hikes and need lightweight hiking boots, the Columbia Women’s Crestwood Mid Waterproof is an excellent possibility. The shoes are made with lightweight and waterproof full-grain leather and mesh bootie. The mesh tongue is durable and breathable, and the lace-up closure gives an adjustable fit.

The durable midsole is lightweight and well-padded for soft support and high energy return, while the advanced traction rubber sole ensures slip-free movement on rugged trails. It’s Omni-Grip sole with a multi-terrain traction system made with treads and compounds for particular tracks. The dual-zone winter tread pattern is also present, giving grip and traction on snow and ice. Support could be better, but the boots won’t disappoint in long hikes on a winter day.

Should you be a big fan of fast hikes and look for flexibility and ruggedness, the Columbia Women’s Firecamp Hiking Shoe is a sure buy on any given day.

Just because the shoes are made with textile doesn’t mean that they’re not tough. On the contrary, the shoes are tough and have wear and tear resistance. The detailed stitching makes them durable and ready to take a beat.

Breathable protection isn’t skipped as the shoes are made with Omni-Tech technology, which also counts for waterproofness. The seam-sealed construction of the bootie will increase the resistance to elements and durability. Comfort will be provided right from the first wear, thanks to the build and proper padding in the right places.

The Techlite EVA midsole is essential for shock absorbency, and the Omni-Grip technology will give grip and traction for most tracks. Even if the shoes could use some feminine accents, they’re as dependable and rough you need hiking shoes to be no matter when or where you’re hiking.

How should you choose Columbia hiking boots?

No matter which brand you go with, you should always choose your hiking boots according to the time and place you’re hiking. Many aspects will count for the value of the hiking boots, so scroll down for more information.


Suede, nubuck leather, and mesh make the most common materials used on Columbia boots. Suede and nubuck leather boots are soft and feel comfortable right out of the box so that the break-in period won’t be necessary.

Go with boots made with more mesh than leather if you want lightweight boots. They make the best choice for day hikes and light backpacking.

Hiking shoes made with wear and tear-resistant work for hiking, but they won’t provide the ankle support you need for the rocky trails.

Waterproofness and breathability

Most Columbia hiking boots are waterproof while remaining breathable. Waterproof technologies add weight to the shoes, so if you don’t need waterproof boots, you should choose hiking shoes made of mesh. They’re breathable and great for summer hikes.

Columbia boots are made with proprietary waterproof technology (Omni-Tech), which blocks water from inside the shoes while ensuring ventilation.

Stability, support, and comfort

The Techlite EVA midsole is standard in Columbia hiking boots, absorbing shock and providing comfortable support. The Omni-Grip will provide grip and traction on most surfaces, whereas the dual-zone winter tread in some boots reduces slippage on snow and ice.

Padded tongue and collar create soft support for the ankle, whereas roomy toe space provides comfort for the toes.

Overall build and looks

Most of the Columbia hiking boots have a rugged appearance, with a durability feel. They’re well-made and ready to take a beat most of the time.

Should you look for a beautiful appearance too, you won’t have numerous options to choose from. However, some hiking boots will stand out with the looks, sealing the deal if you care for the looks as much as you care for the performance.

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