Best Black Hiking Boots for Women

One of the many things you learn when hiking is that looks are rarely crucial for your hiking boots’ performance. However, some women like their boots to accomplish some aesthetic standards, and black still makes the no.1 favorite “color” for most hikers.

The variety of options for black hiking boots is excellent, providing you so many possibilities. It can also be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know what to look for in hiking boots.

Top Black Women’s Hiking Boots

1. Lowa Women’s Renegade Gtx Mid Hiking Boots

Should you wonder if the Lowa Women’s Renegade Gtx Mid Hiking Boots are just as tough and reliable as they look, well,,, you’re right! These boots are made for the most technical and challenging hikes, as they come with the build and features you need out there.

Lowa Womens Renegade Gtx Mid Hiking Boots

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Even if the boots are made with tough leather, they will adjust to your foot’s shape and feel comfortable sooner than expected. It’s thick and durable leather takes the unforgiving weather and elements, rocks, and sharp roots alike.

Despite the rugged and thick leather upper body, the boots are still breathable and waterproof. That’s because they’re made with the Gore-Tex membrane, which will stop the water from getting inside the shoes and allow moisture not to get trapped near your feet. Either way, the boots will keep your feet dry while hiking. The Climate-control footbed counts for dry wear as it efficiently wicks moisture away from your feet.

The padded collar creates soft support for the ankles, and the nylon stabilizing shank (full-length) will offer the support and stability you need when hiking. The boots have a Monowrap frame that helps with the snug fit without adding weight to the shoes.

The speed-lacing grommets at the top and derby-style lacing, with a corded lace-up vamp, will count for the boots’ snug fit and durability. The craftsmanship on the shoes is impressive, and even if they run a bit narrow, they still make a wise investment in the long run.

2. Danner #62146 Women’s Boots | Mountain 600 Insulated Jet Black

If you’re looking for black hiking boots for winter hikes, the Danner #62146 Women’s Boots | Mountain 600 Insulated Jet Black Won’t let you down. They will make a great contrast with the white snow, but the elegance and reliability will seal the deal for many.

Danner #62146 Womens Boots | Mountain 600 Insulated Jet Black

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Don’t let the boots’ elegant appearance mislead you, as these boots are just as rugged and challenging as any other hiking boots. They’re made with high-quality full-grain leather that will feel comfortable and soft right from the beginning. The PrimaLoft insulation will protect your feet from snow and cold, whereas the Danner Dry waterproof construction will provide dry wear at all times. The insulation is high-quality and keeps its abilities and shape for a long time. The boots come with 200g of PrimaLoft insulation, so your feet will remain warm while hiking in the winter.

With comfort as an essential feature for hiking boots, we should mention that these boots are made with three layers of various densities, which create both support and soft padding. The footbed is made with open-cell polyurethane for more effective heat dissipation and ventilation.

You may easily remove the  OrthoLite footbed if you’re looking for customized comfort in the boots. The EVA midsole is reliable for support and shock absorbency, and the Vibram Nisqually Arctic grip outsole will keep you on the move through snow and ice. The price may throw some hikers off, but the boots remain an elegant and challenging winter hiking option.

3. Salomon Women’s Outline Mid Gtx W Hiking Boots

Even if Salomon Women’s Outline Mid Gtx W Hiking Boots are black, you may still notice them on shelves as they have a feminine profile and are very attractive with some very subtle colored details. These are hiking boots providing sneaker-like comfort since they’re lightweight and made with impressive flexibility and foothold. They’re ready to take a beat as they come with a protective toe cap, 5mm deep lugs on the sole, and Gore-Tex membrane for dry wear at all times.

Salomon Womens Outline Mid Gtx W Hiking Boots

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The boots are made to take the elements, and the tight mesh for the upper body will block debris from getting trapped between the footbed and the foot.

The gusseted tongue will keep debris and debris outside of the boots while creating a snug fit for the shoes. The high performant EVA foam counts for soft support and adequate shock absorbency, whereas the Ortholite Diecut sock liner will ensure superior padding, durability, and ventilation. The flat laces reduce the pressure points over the instep, leading to more comfortable and snug wear.

Traction and grip will always be significant as the boots come with ContaGrip MD, the most durable compound with a lug pattern providing traction and grip on smooth, soft, and challenging terrains. The protective mudguard improves the stability and traction on muddy terrains, and the boots are water repellent for dry wear in light rains. The arch support could be better, but that doesn’t undermine the overall value of the shoes.

4. Icebug Women’s Pace3 W Bugrip Gtx Hiking Boot

Women looking for black hiking boots that still manage to catch your attention should take the plunge with  Icebug Women’s Pace3 W Bugrip Gtx Hiking Boot. The shoes are all black, but the thin purple accent on the outsole and subtle purple accents on the pull-loop and the tongue make them stand out on any shelf.

Icebug Womens Pace3 W Bugrip Gtx Hiking Boot

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These are boots made for the winter adventures, impressing with the grip and traction on snow and ice. The BugGrip is proprietary Icebug technology, providing stability and grip on most slippery tracks. The sole is made with a special rubber compound with 14-19 built-in steel studs. The carbide steel tips of the studs make the sole grippy but are also long-lasting and rigid. Moreover, a mudguard will improve traction and stability on muddy trails.

The upper body is made with black ripstop textile that takes intense hiking. The shoes include a Gore-Tex membrane, protecting the feet against water, no matter where it’s coming from. The tongue and collar are lightly padded for soft ankle support, and the heel cup is well contoured for a secure fit for the heel. The toe cap is protective and improves the ruggedness of the boots. Avoid going inside with the shoes, but don’t hesitate to give them a try in the winter.

5. Keen Women’s Targhee 3 Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Keen Women’s Targhee 3 Waterproof Hiking Shoe comes with features and construction for versatile experiences and is reliable for the fundamental and technical hikes.

Keen Womens Targhee 3 Waterproof Hiking Shoe

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The boots are made with durable and waterproof leather to fit comfortably right out of the box. They feature a KeenDry membrane, which is both waterproof and breathable. Therefore, wet elements are blocked from entering the shoes, but moisture doesn’t get trapped near your feet but helped to escape.

Since the boots are made for women-specific foot shape, they come with a dual-density EVA midsole for better comfort and support without adding weight. The injected TPU heel-capture increases the stability inside the shoes too. The Eco Anti-Odor technology will control odor, keeping your feet cool and nice smelling throughout the day.

These are boots for the wet tracks, and they feature a leather mud shield for protection against mud. Moreover, the shoes come with an all-terrain rubber outsole for superior traction and grip on muddy and rocky tracks. The 4mm deep and multi-directional lugs will improve the grip and traction. The external stability shank creates lightweight support for superior mobility and torsion control on the most challenging terrains. Some reported a weird feeling in the toe area, which is why trying on the boots is wise every single time you buy new boots. For many, these will make an excellent option for most various hiking experiences, especially on wet trails.

How should you choose your black hiking boots?

The variety and numerous black boots options could be confusing, so you should consider the essential aspects when buying.


You may choose from full-grain leather, suede and nubuck leather, synthetic materials, mesh, and nylon boots.

Full-grain leather is naturally waterproof, conforming to the shape of your foot in time, and the most durable and resistant material for hiking boots. It’s also pricey and heavyweight, which makes it great for backpacking and most technical hikes.

Boots made with suede, nubuck leather, and mesh inserts are lightweight, comfortable, and great for primary and technical hikes. They’re not as durable as full-grain leather boots, but they still make a good buy.

Waterproofness and breathability

Go with waterproof boots if you hike in wet areas. Hiking with wet feet is no picnic. Look for both waterproof and breathable; sweaty feet are wet feet, so it’s essential for hiking boots to have adequate ventilation.

Stability, traction, and grip

Stability shank, EVA midsole, contoured heel, and effective lace-up system are some of the many features providing the foot’s stability inside the boots. They also count for comfort, which is a rather personal matter.

All-terrain outsole with self-cleaning lugs is an excellent feature for hiking boots, as they give grip and traction on all tracks.

Before you go away

Always try on the boots before buying, while wearing your hiking socks to see how they feel. Ideally, do it in the evening, when your feet are swollen, which will happen while hiking for hours.

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